“10 Surprising Ways Argan Oil Can Boost Your Beauty Routine”

Argan Oil: The Benefits of ‘Liquid Gold’

Argan oil has become the latest buzz in the beauty industry, but it was not new to the Berber women of Morocco who have been using it for centuries. This article discusses the benefits of argan oil and how it has been utilized by people for different purposes.

What is Argan Oil?

Argan oil is produced from the fruit of the argan tree found only in a small region of Morocco. It is a versatile oil due to its powerful active ingredients and healing properties. There are two types of argan oil: culinary and cosmetic. The culinary oil is edible and often compared to olive oil, while the cosmetic oil is used in skin and hair care.

Benefits of Argan Oil

1. Prevents Cardiovascular Disease

Argan oil helps regulate blood cholesterol and lower blood pressure due to its abundance of nutrients, including unsaturated fatty acids. It improves blood circulation, thereby decreasing the risk of cardiovascular disease.

2. Protection Against Cancer

Argan oil’s high antioxidant content repairs the cellular damage, reducing cancer cells’ risk to grow. Several studies showed that argan oil reduced the rate of cell division of prostate cancer.

3. Help for those with Diabetes

Recent studies showed that argan oil decreased insulin resistance in individuals, which is the first step to diabetes. It also reversed metabolic changes in people who consumed a high-sugar diet.

4. Acts as a Topical Anti-Inflammatory

Argan oil’s flavonoids act as an anti-inflammatory that can treat skin diseases like eczema, psoriasis, and chickenpox. It can be applied topically.

5. Boosts Immunity

A study conducted on rats showed that argan oil strengthened their immune systems. Its powerful antioxidants stimulate proper immune function.

6. Anti-Aging Properties

Argan oil has a high vitamin E content that prevents evaporation of moisture from the outer layer of skin. It comprises 80% essential fatty acids that reduce wrinkles by maintaining healthy cells, providing a youthful and plump look.

7. Aids Digestion

Argan oil increases pepsin concentration in gastric juice, which helps digest proteins found in meat, eggs, and dairy products.

8. Improves Hair Health

The linoleic and oleic acids found in argan oil keep hair hydrated and increases shine. It can also be used to repair damage caused by heat styling tools.

9. Transforms Skin

Argan oil contains carotenoids that protect skin from UV radiation and sterols that reduce inflammation, improve skin metabolism and enable moisture retention, leaving skin soft, smooth, and hydrated.

10. Aids Social Responsibility

The production of argan oil has benefitted the Berber women of Morocco and their families through the Union of Women’s Cooperatives of the Arganeraie (UCFA). The UCFA Fair Trade seal ensures that the argan oil is produced by women’s cooperatives and that these women receive the deserved income.

Selecting Argan Oil

When buying argan oil, ensure it is certified organic to ensure the product’s quality and eliminate harmful toxins such as pesticides. Smell the oil to check if it is fresh, should have a light, nutty odor rather than rancid or overly sweet. Lastly, store argan oil in a dark bottle to protect it from light.


Argan oil is a versatile oil with many benefits, including protection against diseases, anti-aging properties, hair, and skin benefits. It is a socially responsible product that helps the Berber women of Morocco. Ensure you purchase certified organic and fresh argan oil stored in a dark bottle for the best results.

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