10 Surprising Struggles Faced by These Extraordinary Individuals That Will Motivate You

Success is the result of hard work and persistence, it is a journey filled with hardships and obstacles. Many famous personalities have struggled and encountered failure before achieving success in their lives. When facing failures or low points in our lives, we often tend to feel stuck and give up on our dreams. However, these inspirational stories of people who pressed forward through hard times to find success and become famous can motivate us to keep going.

One of the most notable stories of perseverance is that of Walt Disney. Walt Disney had faced numerous failures before building the Walt Disney Company, which now rakes in billions. Despite repeated rejections, he kept on moving forward, and his determination and hard work paid off.

Another inspiring story is that of Sylvester Stallone, who was very broke and had to sell his dog to a stranger at a liquor store for $25. He says that was the lowest point in his life when he walked away crying. Then, he made “Rocky” happen and the rest of the story is out in the open. He bought back his dog for $15000 with his first pay. The story shows the value of perseverance and determination through tough times.

In her early days, J.K Rowling, now one of the richest women in the world, was struggling to make ends meet, divorced, raising a child alone, and going through several bouts of depression. Rowling was so broke that she didn’t even have the money to print the manuscript of Harry Potter, which she typed all 9000 plus words on an old typewriter manually to submit to the publisher. She persevered through tough times and emerged as one of the most successful authors in the world.

Donald Trump is another example of a person who encountered major financial setbacks before achieving success. He was once $1 billion in debt, owed billions of dollars in the early 1990s, and newspapers were saying he was done for good. Through resilience and perseverance, he made the biggest financial turnaround in history for which he is listed in the Guinness Book of Records. Despite being hit by many failures, he made an incredible comeback and currently has a net worth of $4.5 billion.

Stephen King, the master of horror, had to face numerous rejections before achieving success. His bestselling novel, “Carrie,” was rejected 30 times before it was published. He actually threw away the manuscript in the trash out of despair. However, King never gave up and continued to work hard until he became incredibly successful.

One of the most interesting stories is that of Albert Einstein, who was considered slow, mentally handicapped, and anti-social by his parents and teachers. He was expelled from school and was denied admittance to Zurich Polytechnic School. However, despite all the difficulties, Einstein went on to become one of the most prominent geniuses of the world, credited with changing the world with his discoveries.

Henry Ford is also a great example of a person who persevered through many failures. He failed twice before setting up the most successful automotive company of all time – Ford Motor Company, which revolutionized the automobile industry.

All these stories show that the road to success is not smooth, but filled with many obstacles and failures. However, failure is not the end, but merely a step towards success. It is crucial to keep moving forward, to have patience, hard work, and a determination to achieve one’s goals. As Winston Churchill once famously said, “If you’re going through hell, keep going.”