10 Surprising Gifts Moms Will Love on Mother’s Day

Mothers Day: Why the Best Gift Is Time to Relax

Mother’s Day is just a few months away, and everyone is already thinking of what gift to give their mother or spouse. However, contrary to popular belief, extravagant gifts like spa treatments, French perfumes, day trips, or expensive dinners may not be what mothers truly want. Instead, mothers want the gift of time to be themselves, to relax and enjoy some peaceful moments. Here are some ways mothers can get the gift of relaxation that they truly deserve.

1. Clean the House

Mothers are often the ones saddled with the responsibility of cleaning up after the family. However, Mother’s Day can be an exception. Instead of the usual “I’ll do it later” attitude, this is the perfect time to actually clean the house thoroughly, leaving no speck of dust. After cleaning, do the dishes and laundry as well. This will give mothers the gift of a clean and organized home, allowing them to relax and enjoy their surroundings without the burden of housework.

2. No Clothes, Please

Clothing can be a tricky gift because it is personal, and it is tough to get it right. Although mothers will appreciate the sentiment behind any gift, it’s likely that they may not like the actual item you got for them. Avoid the stressful decision by not purchasing clothes or apparel for moms on Mother’s Day.

3. Let Them Sleep

Sleep is a significant gift that often goes unappreciated. Take it from someone who has been on the other end; waking up at 6 am on a weekend to shouts of “Happy Mother’s Day” is not ideal. Give mothers the gift of sleep, which is something they rarely get due to the demands of family and work. Take over their daily chores, allowing them to catch up on sleep and wake up feeling refreshed.

4. Alone Time

Mothers need a break from their usual routine to relax and recharge. The Globe and Mail suggests that after cleaning the house, fathers and children can take the kids out for a few hours, allowing mothers to have some quality alone time. The perfect location for this could be Grandma’s house, where mothers can enjoy some peace and quiet doing what they love, whether it’s reading a book, watching their favorite show, or simply having quiet time.

5. Love, Not Smothering

Mothers need love and appreciation, but that doesn’t mean they want to feel suffocated. Part of showing love is respecting their need for time alone. Like Thoreau said, “absence makes the heart grow fonder.” Leaving mothers alone for a while gives them the opportunity to miss their family and appreciate the moments they have with them.


Mother’s Day is a special day meant for mothers, to appreciate them for all they do all year round. However, contrary to popular beliefs, mothers want the gift of relaxation, alone time, and sleep more than anything else. So, instead of stressing over finding the perfect gift, give mothers what they truly want, the gift of time to relax and be herself.

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