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Tips for Writing a Resume with No Experience

When it comes to landing your first job, writing a good resume is a crucial step, and yet it is often the most confusing. With no experience, creating a resume can seem like an insurmountable task. However, it is essential to remember that the first resume should be all about your goals and targeted audience. Lack of background, in this case, is not an obstacle. This short guide will help you follow the basic rules of resume writing and allow you to find out how to make a resume with no experience.

Easy to Perceive

According to research, a recruiter spends about 6 seconds reviewing a resume. Thus, the primary goal is to make the content easy to scan and emphasize the important information to increase its visibility. To make the layout clean, the font type should be the same throughout the resume. The structure will be better if the dates and locations are mentioned. It is a good idea to check some examples of a perfect resume to get inspiration for creating your own.

Set Clear Goals

There is a stereotype that young workers might be immature and disorganized. To convince employers that you are a determined candidate, it is better to indicate clearly your job goals and desires. Try to mention precisely what position you expect to get or, at least, your area of interest. Your skills and education should be closely related to your goals. This will make a resume coherent.

Show Your Strengths but Stay Honest!

The productivity of a resume does not depend on the amount of material you present; it is all about how you do it. Thus, be sure to concentrate on your strengths and advantages. For example, in an entry-level IT resume with no experience, you may emphasize your excellent computer skills (languages, operating systems, networking). It is also possible to mention your achievements in this area. For instance, resolving technical issues, video editing, creating a website, applications developing, etc. Even if it was just your hobby or you helped your friend, it will make a great impression.

Any Experience Matters

Most people who write their first resume already have some job experience, but it is often not related to the area of their interest. It might be babysitting, tutoring, or a part-time job in a shop or a restaurant. They might consider this information useless and avoid putting it on a resume. In fact, any experience is great and should be mentioned if you describe it properly. It might be placed in one of the last sections at the bottom of the page. When you mention a job, indicate what skills you’ve gained. For example, the position of a cashier in a fast food restaurant made you stress-resistant, good at multitasking, and developed great communication skills.

High School and College References

As you start your career, it is appropriate to refer to your high school and/or college achievements. It might be information about scholarships, awards, participation in clubs, sports, or being valedictorian. It is great if these activities are related to the job vacancy, but it is not obligatory. The aim of this section is to present your personality and show all-round development. Including this material will create an image of an active, well-rounded person.


When young job-seekers worry about how to write a resume with no experience, they often stress about the recommendation section. A career starter is unlikely to have any connections yet, and there is no former boss to ask for feedback. As a solution, many candidates write a line “References available upon request” and hope it will be ignored. There is no need to waste resume space like that. The employers may ask about recommendations during the interview, and what they might expect from you is a letter from a teacher or a mentor. It could be provided by almost any student. Thus, there is no reason for panic.

In conclusion, writing a resume with no experience is not impossible. You can showcase your skills and achievements by following the basic resume writing guidelines mentioned above. Remember to focus on your goals, highlight your strengths, and any experience counts. Adding high school and college references and leaving space for recommendations can also work in your favor. A well-written resume can make an impact and get you closer to the job of your dreams.

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