“10 Surprising Benefits of Lavender Oil You Never Knew Existed”

The Power of Lavender Essential Oil: Natural Remedies for Common Ailments

Lavender has been a popular plant for its fragrant scent, but it also possesses powerful healing properties that have been used for centuries. In a world where modern medicine dominates, many people are turning to natural remedies to address their health concerns. Essential oils like lavender, eucalyptus, and tea tree oil have gained popularity for their therapeutic benefits without the side effects of medications. In this article, we will explore the potential benefits of lavender essential oil and how it can help soothe some of the most common ailments.

The Benefits of Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender is known for its distinct purple flowers and floral scent, but its potential benefits go beyond its beauty. In the past, lavender was used to sterilize equipment in hospitals, disinfect wounds, and even ease headaches and sunburn for farmers. Here are some potential benefits of lavender essential oil:

1. Soothe Your Mind and Body to Promote Sleep

Lavender’s calming fragrance helps to soothe the mind and body to promote a more restful sleep. It may slow down the nervous system’s functions to help you sleep better, reduce anxiety, and improve your mood and concentration.

2. Take Away Your Stress to Prevent Depression

Lavender’s ability to relax a busy mind can help reduce stress levels. In one study, participants who were given lavender orally experienced significant improvement in depressive symptoms.

3. Clean Cuts and Scrapes to Reduce Healing Time

Lavender contains antibacterial properties and has been used widely to clean cuts and scrapes to reduce healing time. Its soothing qualities make it an ideal natural remedy for skin irritation and inflammation.

4. Cure Headache Without Harmful Side Effects

Using lavender essential oil for headaches can help eliminate the use of medications that may have harmful side effects. It can treat headaches caused by stress, hormonal changes, spinal subluxations, and allergies.

5. Cleanse Pores of Acne-Causing Bacteria

While more scientific research is needed, lavender’s antibacterial properties may help cleanse pores of harmful acne-causing bacteria. It acts as an astringent, which can tighten pores and help reduce the appearance of acne.

6. Ease Digestive Issues

Lavender has been widely used as a natural digestive aid due to its ability to move food easily through the intestines. It can also promote an increase in gastric juices to help ease indigestion, bloating, and stomach pain.

Side Effects of Lavender Essential Oil

While natural, lavender essential oil is not without possible side effects. Some individuals may be allergic to the oil, resulting in skin irritation or breakouts. Taking lavender orally may cause constipation, headaches, or increased appetite. Pregnant women and young boys who have yet to reach puberty should avoid using lavender as it could negatively affect hormonal changes.

How to Use Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender essential oil can be used in several ways depending on the intended purpose. Massaging the oil into the skin can help address acne and other skin conditions, headaches, and muscle aches. Mixing a few drops of lavender essential oil with other ingredients can create sprays and diffusers to calm the atmosphere in your home, repel bugs or aid in relaxation. Lavender oil can also be taken orally, a small drop of lavender oil on your tongue or behind your ears can help reduce symptoms of headaches, dizziness or motion sickness.

Where to Find Lavender Oil Near You?

Lavender oil is widely available and can be found through various retailers. Retailers like Amazon, specialty retailers like Rocky Mountain Oils, Young Living, and doTerra all offer a variety of essential oils, which include lavender. It is important to store the oil in a cool, dark place and away from sunlight or heat. Keeping it in its original bottle will help to avoid exposure to UV rays.

Why Choose Lavender Oil Over Other Alternatives?

While other products may treat similar conditions to lavender essential oil, many remedies contain harmful ingredients or create side effects. Lavender essential oil is a natural alternative and can help replace an entire medicine cabinet of options, freeing up valuable space in your home. What makes lavender essential oil unique is that its healing benefits have been acknowledged for centuries, a time before the internet and modern medicine.


Lavender essential oil is more than just a pretty plant with a pleasant smell; it possesses powerful healing properties that have been used for generations. Incorporating lavender into your health regimen can help alleviate common ailments like stress, anxiety, sleep troubles, acne, and digestive issues, all in a natural, side effect-free way. With so many potential benefits, lavender essential oil is a worthy investment for those looking for a natural and effective way to improve their health and wellness.