“10 Surprising Behaviors Mentally Strong Individuals Avoid in Relationships”

10 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do in Relationships

As humans, we all experience crazy relationships and sometimes act irrationally towards those we love. Looking back, it’s often difficult to remember what our mindset was in the moment. It would be great to know then what we know now, especially when it comes to being a better partner, son/daughter or friend. Unfortunately, we’re not taught how to be mentally strong when faced with adversity. The good news is that it’s never too late to start. Here are 10 things mentally strong people DON’T do when it comes to relationships.

1. They don’t analyze everything
Mentally strong people don’t try to find deeper meanings in everything that their partner does or says. It’s essential not to get caught up in over-analyzing everything that they say or do. Sometimes, it’s just a head scratch, and that’s it.

2. They don’t believe the other person will “complete” them
A mentally strong person will complete themselves first before seeking someone else to enhance their lives. Enjoying your own company is essential, as nobody else can replace that part of you. Don’t live your life as if you were a character in a romantic comedy, believing that you must eat, sleep, and breathe your partner. Mentally strong people recognize that they are complete just the way they are.

3. They don’t bring up the past to justify the present
Mentally strong people don’t bring up past events to win an argument or use them as relationship collateral. They work towards improving the relationship in that specific moment, instead of bringing up past events to try and justify their actions. Mentally strong people live in the moment, understanding that the past has its place but won’t resolve current problems.

4. They don’t look outside the relationship to improve the relationship
Mentally strong people devote full attention to themselves and their partner when it comes to fixing issues in the relationship. They don’t seek another person to fulfill their needs, become distant, or justify their behavior by looking outside of the relationship to feel better about themselves. They don’t engage in destructive behavior to avoid the inevitable.

5. They don’t put the other person down to feel better about themselves
Mentally strong people understand that treating other people this way is wrong. It’s easier to blame someone else for the way you act or feel rather than looking at why you react that way. Mentally strong people know that the only way to have a successful relationship is to lift their partner up rather than putting them down to temporarily feel better about themselves.

6. They don’t stop communicating
Mentally strong people communicate with their partner in good times and bad. They don’t avoid uncomfortable or awkward conversations but instead seek to better understand their partner. Mentally strong people understand that avoiding things that are uncomfortable won’t solve the problem. They look at these situations as opportunities to improve the relationship.

7. They don’t stop loving themselves
Mentally strong people love themselves first, so they can love other people, not the other way around. They prioritize improving their lives first before trying to help anyone else. Mentally strong people radiate love, which ultimately helps a relationship succeed.

8. They don’t believe they can fix the other person
Mentally strong people can help their partner in any way they can, but they understand that they cannot change someone. Only the individual can change themselves. Mentally strong people don’t live in the future, pretending that if only they put enough effort or time into someone, they will change. They seek to understand the other person’s perspective before offering advice.

9. They don’t try to make relationships progress faster
Mentally strong people accept that a relationship will develop in the right way. They understand that, of course, there are ways to improve the relationship and develop a deeper understanding of one another, but they know deep down that they can’t force something that will take time to develop. Mentally strong people give up control and surrender to the natural progression of the relationship.

10. They don’t stay in unhealthy relationships
Mentally strong people know when a relationship is no longer working. They look out for themselves and the other person by communicating clearly. Mentally strong people know that they’ve put in as much time and effort as they could, but they would significantly prefer spending their time with someone who is right for them. They trust that everything will work out just fine.

To successfully improve any relationship, one must change themselves first before seeking someone who complements who they already are. Only through self-discovery can we better understand the types of people who will enhance our lives. The idea is not to change the other person but to find someone who you can continually develop a long and prosperous life together.

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