10 Surprising and Practical Household Solutions Using Legos

Remember those colorful plastic blocks that nestled into each other with a satisfying click? Legos are not just for kids, as adults can use them to have as much fun and create practical solutions for household fixes and entertainment. Here is a list of creative and practical ways to use Legos.

1. Creative Wall Art: Pairing Ikea RIBBA box frames with Lego from the Lego Architecture Range can make for an entertaining and sophisticated piece of wall art.

2. Game of Chess: A basic tutorial can show you how to create your own Lego chess set.

3. Mountain Train Book Ends: These bookends are a creative way to use Legos to display your book collection. You may need to ask for pointers from more experienced builders.

4. Character Clock: This creative Lego clock can add a touch of fun to your home.

5. Multi-Colored Mirror: Using Legos can help you create your own personalized mirror with your favorite color scheme.

6. Stuck In Rows Blocks – Super Mario Style Planter: This planter is ideal for anyone who enjoys gardening and Legos. You can follow a tutorial online to build your own.

7. Lion Hearted Light Switch: Use Lego sets or parts to create unique light switch covers. Your imagination is the only limit!

8. Click Art Flowers: Try out a simpler version of these Lego flowers to start, then add your own flair.

9. Slide Lock Coaster Set: Make your own Lego coaster set using varying colors and patterns.

10. Connect-a-lot Knife Block: Build your own Lego knife block with ease.

11. Amazing Angles For Fish: Use Legos to design an aquarium of your own. Follow a YouTube tutorial for guidance.

12. Underwater Station Air Pump Cover: This clever design creates an aerated pump cover inspired by 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.

13. Lock(et) and Chin Dog Tags: Get creative and design your own Lego dog tags.

14. Darling Purple and Blue Earrings: These earrings are a creative way to use Legos for jewelry.

15. Quick Fix Cuff links: Use Legos to make custom cuff links.

16. Colorful Favors Party Rings: Perfect for any party, these Lego party rings are customizable to your theme.

17. Green and Blue For You Bracelet: This bracelet is a unique way to use Legos for jewelry.

18. Piano In the Key of Lego Jewelry Box: Build your own Lego jewelry box with a musical twist.

19. Plastic Puzzle Gift Box: Use Legos to create a personalized gift box.

20. In Case of (Lego) Emergency Break Glass Box: This fun display piece is a perfect spot for your Lego sorting tools.

21. White Tiled Toilet: A unique way to add some character to your bathroom.

22. Superhero Key Keeper: Keep your keys safe with this Lego superhero key holder.

23. Make Your Own Microscope: Build a working Lego microscope for yourself.

24. Keep It Straight Lego Sorting System: Use Legos to organize your workspace.

25. On The Go Play Wall Repair: Use Legos to keep crumbling walls of old places together.

26. Brilliant Bookshelf: Create a Lego shelf using Legos.

27. Not Just Kidding – A Train: Build your very own working Lego train set and add accessories like Lego-built cars.

28. Double Puzzle Play House: A Lego playhouse is perfect for kids of all ages.

29. Bathroom Art Harry Potter: Get creative and make Harry Potter-themed bathroom art with Legos.

30. For Halloween Howls (or medical school graduation day) Lego Syringe: This Lego syringe is the perfect accessory for your Halloween costume and medical school graduation day.

31. Bob Business Card Holder: Use Legos to create a unique business card holder.

32. Lego Loom Knitting Machine: Create your own Lego loom for knitting.

33. Natty Napkin Holder: Create a unique napkin holder using Legos.

34. Silly Silverware Holder: A Lego box with compartments can make the perfect silverware holder.

35. Cool Cake Platter: Make a unique Lego cake platter.

36. Light and Fun Lego Kitchen Island: Add some Lego fun to your kitchen island.

37. Smart Looking Lego Snowman: Use Legos to create a unique snowman display piece.

38. Spelled Right Lego Letters Room Decor: Add some personality to your room with personalized wall decor.

39. Crafty Christmas Tree: Build your own Lego Christmas tree for a festive holiday decoration.

40. Best Birthday Cake: This Lego birthday cake is sure to impress your guests.

With these creative ideas, Legos can provide endless entertainment and solutions to everyday problems. Start building and let your imagination run wild!

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