10 Simple and Effective Methods to Stay Hydrated All Day Long

5 Easy, Clever Ways to Prevent Dehydration in Summer

– Hot weather can cause extreme dehydration
– Importance of staying hydrated for bodily functions
– Kids and senior citizens are more susceptible to extreme dehydration

1. Pick the right water
– Avoid hydrating beverages that have added sugar to prevent spikes in insulin levels
– Electrolyte-enhanced waters like SmartWater and Metroelectro are good options
– Flavored waters like Hint Water and Ayala’s Herbal Water are all-natural and zero calorie options

2. Snack on the right foods
– Fresh fruits and veggies have high water content, great for hydration
– Apples can be up to 85% water by volume
– Pickles and pickle juice have higher electrolyte content than sports drinks
– Chia seeds help retain water by absorbing many times their weight in water

3. Drink constantly, not occasionally
– Consistent consumption of fluids over drinking large amounts at once
– Too much water at once can cause stomach upset
– Recommended intake of 2-3 liters of water per day

4. Avoid diuretic behaviors
– Exercise, alcohol, and caffeine can dehydrate the body
– Opt for water instead of coffee when feeling groggy

5. Make it easy on yourself
– Keep water bottles in fridge or car for easy access
– Carry a small sports bottle in purse or briefcase
– Set reminders to drink water every 30 minutes

Closing Thoughts
– Importance of staying hydrated
– Encourage readers to stay hydrated
– Ask for reader input on how they stay hydrated in summer


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