10 Secrets to Improving Listening Skills Quickly

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5 Books to Help You Become a Better Listener

Think about the last time you confided in a friend. Did they understand your thoughts and give you comfort just by simply listening to your worries and being there for you? Listening looks easy, yet hard to master. Because speaking is often more desirable than listening, and our goal is usually to persuade the other to understand and resonate with our thoughts (even doing it unintentionally).

Speaking is often more desirable than listening, and our goal is usually to persuade the other to understand, and resonate with our thoughts (sometimes even unintentionally). Even though speaking well is often praised and recognized by the public, listening is, in fact, a very important element in good communication. It creates better responses and clarifies conversations. Also, if there are no listeners, there won’t be any speakers.

Here are five books to help you become a better listener, be it comforting a friend, going to a lecture, or understanding a new concept. These books will help you minimize information loss from communication.

1. The Good Listener by James E. Sullivan

This little book is written by a priest who has to deal with hurt people every day, pointing out how our poor listening hurts others (often unintentionally), and how much we can heal a person just by listening and understanding their feelings.

The book gives suggestions on how we can improve our listening and how we can share so the other will understand us better. Even so, do not expect this to be a tool book as you will not become a great listener just by following five steps, instead, it is about being aware and learning to walk away from our selfish desire to be listened to. This book is recommended if you are someone working in the field of counseling, or anyone who wants to build a deeper and stronger relationship with others.

Reading Duration: 1hr 59mins
Price: $10.95 on Amazon

2. Power Listening: Mastering the Most Critical Business Skill of All by Bernard T. Ferrari

Ferrari reveals how to turn a tin ear into a platinum ear in this book because poor listening can lead to poor business decisions in organizations. The author suggests that the skills and habits of a good listener can be learned and taught, in this book he offers a step-by-step guide to turn readers into an active listener.

In the book, Power Listening, the author focuses on corporate listening instead of peer-to-peer and interpersonal listening. This book is great for anyone who facilitates or leads groups through decision and design. By identifying the cause of bad corporate listening, readers are able to follow the guide to effective listening.

Reading Duration: 4hrs 17mins
Price: $32.99 on Amazon

3. The Lost Art Of Listening by Michael P Nichols

What is it that keeps so many of us from really listening? Nichols answers the question in the book and frames listening as an active art, something we need practices to transform passive reception to real hearing. The book is filled with vivid examples that demonstrate easy-to-learn techniques for becoming a better listener. The book is embedded with empathic listening, a listening technique enabling us to break through misunderstandings and conflict in our relationships. “Listening isn’t a need we have; it’s a gift we give.”

Reading Duration: 6hrs 29mins
Price: $7.99 on Amazon

4. Just Listen: Discover the Secret to Getting Through to Absolutely Anyone by Mark Goulston

The first make-or-break step in persuading anyone to do anything is getting them to hear you out. This book is about listening and giving responses, it emphasizes that everyone wants to feel “felt” and only little appropriate responses can achieve this. Just Listen is a practical how-to guide to becoming a better face-to-face communicator. It reveals how to make a powerful and positive first impression, talk an angry or aggressive person away from an unproductive reaction, and more. If you deal with difficult people around you, this is a must-read for you to not only understand them but also have them felt understood.

Reading Duration: 5hrs 17mins
Price: $14.19 on Amazon

5. Verbal Judo: The Gentle Art of Persuasion by George J. Thompson

Verbal Judo is a martial art that can show you how to be better prepared for every verbal encounter, including listening and speaking more effectively and engaging people with empathy. The book is written in a conversational style, with real-world examples and tips for controlling your own emotions when you feel verbally attacked.

“The other person will believe you’re trying to understand. Whether you really are interested is irrelevant.” Someone might disagree with this, yet it is powerful in the listener’s mind because we all know at certain times, all we need is an ear from a friend instead of theories and advice.

Reading Duration: 4hrs 37mins
Price: $9.48 on Amazon

In conclusion, reading books about listening is essential in enriching our communication skills and enabling us to understand and connect with others better. Becoming a good listener is not just a skill, it is an art that needs practicing, and the above five books are a great place to start. So, next time you talk to someone, remember these books and try to implement the methods they offer. You’ll be amazed at just how much your communication can be transformed.

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