“10 Secrets of Art Teaching That Only Insiders Know”

The Life of an Art Teacher: 10 Things Only They Can Understand

As an art teacher, you are a creative force that often stands out in the school system. While your passion for art may be misunderstood by some, it is the process of getting there that makes you different. You draw inspiration from the most random things, believing that art is everywhere. You value creativity, simplicity, and innovation. However, there are certain things that only art teachers can fully comprehend. Here are the top 10 things that only art teachers can understand:

1. Art Is Underestimated:
The school system often considers art classes as less important and replaceable. While this negative outlook may be disheartening, art teachers know just how important art is for personal and professional growth. You teach individuals how to express themselves and to see beyond just a question and answer. With each piece of creative work, students can unleash their potential and showcase their unique talents.

2. Creativity Is Valued Above Everything Else:
As an art teacher, you understand the importance of creativity. Where your students or even yourself get your inspiration from is irrelevant. The most crucial aspect is the ability to enjoy and appreciate the process of bringing to life a creative piece of art. You use all the resources at your disposal to stimulate the creative part of an individual, leading to beautiful results.

3. A New Era of Creativity Has Begun:
With the advent of the internet and other technologies, creativity has gained a new lease of life. More artists than ever are being born each day, and there are now more possible means to share art with others. The opportunities for individuals with real talent and creativity to express themselves are endless. As an art teacher, you motivate your students to take chances and use technology for their own future.

4. Innovation Is the Key:
As an art teacher, you know that life is not a straight path but a series of many little roads. You encourage students to experiment, make mistakes and learn from them. Your ultimate goal is to teach them how to find creative ways to navigate the twists and turns of life. Instead of giving them a single solution, you show them multiple ways to pick up problems and innovate their way out of them.

5. Appreciating the Simple Things:
You are an art teacher who loves simplicity. You know that art can be created from any material and enjoy using even simple things to inspire others. Whether it is pen and paper, a chalkboard or paint, you use all the basic materials at your disposal to create art and inspire learners. The famous art teacher in Wyoming who uses his blackboard to inspire students is a prime example of appreciating the simple things.

6. A Higher Status:
Students view art teachers as special kinds of teachers. They eagerly anticipate coming to your class and expect to be thrilled and motivated. You use this energy to teach them things they never thought possible. Art is different and stands out from other classes, allowing you to stimulate a part of the brain they do not get to use anywhere else.

7. Standing Up for Your Profession:
Unfortunately, art teachers are often underestimated and unappreciated. You need to speak up and show the world how valuable you are. You cannot be afraid to say “no” to things you do not have time for, and you need to make your voice heard frequently. By keeping it professional, you can get through the tougher times.

8. Personal Grading System:
Art teachers cannot just cross off the wrong answers as it depends on an individual’s potential. As you see more projects, you get to know each student’s strengths and weaknesses, creating a personal grading system that is unique to each person. You don’t use a book that tells you what the students have to learn each lesson, but have your own time schedules for the different projects.

9. Mastery of Different Techniques:
Teaching art is not a one-sided thing. You need to know many different techniques, utilize different materials, and different points of view. You do not have a book that determines what your students have to learn that lesson. You need to be mindful of each student’s strengths and weaknesses while learning new techniques together.

10. Failure is Part of the Process:
The life of an art teacher can be very busy and might not always go as planned. Things will go wrong, and you must learn to make peace with that. Keep in mind that as long as you put in your best effort, it will be worth it. As much as we hate failures, they often provide some of the most valuable lessons in life.

Being an art teacher is a unique and fulfilling career. You provide students with the tools they need to express themselves and better understand the world around them. You encourage students to experiment, take risks, and learn from failure. You motivate them to be creative, appreciate simplicity, and work towards innovation. While not everyone may understand the beauty of art and what it means, one thing is for certain: only art teachers can truly appreciate and understand the art of teaching.

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