“10 Secrets from a Fit Mom for Crushing Your Playground Workouts”

Playground Workouts Tailored for Moms: A Guide to Outdoor Exercise
Benefits of Outdoor Playtime for Kids and Moms
Box Jumps on the Playground Bench: A Fun Twist to Gym Workouts
Slide Tricep Dips: Strengthening Your Arms While Kids Play
Swing Squats: Combining Kids’ Fun with Your Leg-Butt Workout
Swing Push-Ups: An Alternative to Monkey Bars
Stroller Press: A Move You Can Do While Walking Your Kids Around
Monkey Bar Abs: Working on Your Core with Playground Equipment
Stair Jumping Lunges: Intense Leg Workout Using the Playground Railing
Fireman Pole-Sit: A Challenging Seat and Thigh Exercise on the Pole
Jungle Gym Plank: Abs-Engaging Move with Parallel Bar Support
Ladder Toe Taps: A Cardiovascular Exercise with Playground Ladder
Elevated Bridge Jumps: Explosive Leg-Toning Cardio on the Bridge
Creative Cardio: Joining Kids’ Fun Games as a Workout

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