10 Reasons Why UberPool Will Change Your Ride Forever!

Why UberPool is Awesome for Social Connection

UberPool has not only revolutionized the way we travel by reducing fares and impact on the environment, but it has also changed the way we connect with strangers. This new service has provided a great opportunity for individuals to interact with others and improve feelings of wellbeing in various ways. Why is this so important? Studies show that humans have lost our ultrasociality, which is a significant source of happiness. Chronic loneliness affects one in three Americans, resulting in a severe toll on physical and mental health. Therefore, here are five reasons why we should take advantage of UberPool and make the most of it.

1. Small Talk is Good for Us

Through opening up and chatting with fellow riders, we can boost our feelings of wellbeing. Even micro moments of positive interaction promote health benefits. By engaging in small talk, we can develop more meaningful connections with others, leading to an increase in happiness.

2. Cultivate Curiosity

UberPool offers a short, casual conversation with a stranger, enabling individuals to play the “interested inquirer.” Through these interactions, curiosity is cultivated, which is beneficial. By growing our empathy and becoming more open to those perceived as different from us, it strengthens our bond with others. Curiosity is identified as a key character strength by happiness guru Martin Seligman, and it can enhance life satisfaction.

3. Humans are Hard-Wired to be Pro-Social

Assisting others brings the same pleasure individuals get from satisfying personal desires. Thus, when asking a fellow rider for advice on the best local restaurant, not only can you find out where the finest steak in town is served, which will increase happiness upon visiting and eating it, but this will also increase their happiness. Helping others is an essential aspect of life, leading to a more meaningful existence.

4. Expanding Social Networks

Based on research, job seekers with wide-ranging weak ties have more success in their search for employment than those who have stronger close relationships. Therefore, by engaging with others during an UberPool ride, it can open up opportunities to expand our social networks. These networks can later be accessed for employment opportunities, increasing overall happiness and self-worth.

5. Boosting Feelings of Self-Worth

Expanding personal networks with weaker ties also allows for greater diversity in social roles. As a result, it leads to an increase in feelings of self-worth while simultaneously lowering stress and anxiety levels. Developing relationships with others can provide a more fulfilling life and lead to more opportunities for growth and development.

While we may be hesitant to engage with strangers, studies have shown that both extroverts and introverts benefit from interacting with people, even if it is not yet known whether a simple interaction, like in an UberPool ride, provides just as powerful a boost as speaking with a friend.

However, before initiating a conversation, it is important to consider when it is appropriate to interact with others. Success in these situations involves reading body language. It is best to engage with individuals who have open, relaxed body language, maintain eye contact, and pose questions relevant to the discussion. On the other hand, avoid interacting with those who have closed body language, minimal eye contact, or speak in clipped sentences. Understanding these cues is critical to avoid offending others.

Although not all interactions will be positive, it is essential not to take offense. We never know what someone else may be going through, and simply engaging with others can result in feeling much better. UberPool provides an excellent opportunity for individuals to connect with others, expanding their social networks, and boosting feelings of wellbeing. It is time to take advantage of this fantastic service and enhance the quality of our social connections!

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