“10 Reasons Why Remembering The Milk in 2011 Was a Game Changer”

Remember the Milk: The Reliable and Full-Featured To-Do List App

Remember the Milk (RTM) has been a popular to-do list app for many years, known for its clean and simple interface, as well as its powerful features that can accommodate various productivity systems, including GTD. However, the app has made significant enhancements over the past year, particularly with the release of a brand new iPad app that offers a unique user experience.

Look and Feel

Upon first glance, RTM offers a clean and simple interface with a white background and dark text, which appeals to users who prefer this type of design. The app presents an Inbox and Sent items list, and creating new tasks is incredibly easy. Users can add details to their tasks, such as due dates, repeat options, time estimates, tags, location, and URLs. Completing a task is as simple as checking it and clicking the “Complete” button.

However, assigning a task to a different list can be counterintuitive, as users must first create a new one via the “Settings” and “Lists” tabs. This process can be useful for those who follow the GTD method and prefer to organize their tasks into contexts. Meanwhile, adding a task to a list requires checking the task and selecting the desired list from the “More Actions” dropdown, which can feel unintuitive for some users. It would be helpful if RTM could provide a drag-and-drop interface for users to assign tasks to lists more easily.

The task settings “float” on the side of the lists, and users can change an individual task’s settings or group multiple tasks together within the settings bar. The note field appears on the right, where users can add multiple notes per task. Additionally, users can select tasks based on different criteria, such as those due today or tomorrow, those overdue, all tasks, or none at all. This feature enables users to edit or complete multiple tasks at once.


RTM is a full-featured web and mobile app that synchronizes seamlessly across different platforms, such as the web, iOS, Android, and Outlook for Windows. Check out some of its awesome features below:

– Full synchronization across different platforms, including web, iOS, Android, and Outlook for Windows (requires a $25 annual premium account for some pro features)
– A uniquely designed iPad version
– Location-based tasks that alert users based on their preferences
– “Unlimited” list and task creation
– “Smart Lists” that allow users to save customized searches based on specific task criteria
– A “smart add” feature that enables users to add tasks directly to a list and assign due dates, tags, or locations while typing them in
– Offline support with the deprecated Google Gears
– Task creation via Twitter or email
– An iCal service, RSS feeds for lists, and the ability to create public lists for sharing
– An active user community and developer support


Although RTM is a mature and feature-rich app, some users may have a few gripes with it. For instance, there is currently no subtask or task linking feature for projects, no start dates for hiding repeating tasks, an annoying logo that cannot be hidden in certain settings without a browser add-on, and a somewhat unwieldy tabs interface for lists. However, these issues are minor and do not detract significantly from the app’s overall performance.

Final Thoughts

RTM remains one of the best task management apps out there, owing largely to its maturity, speed, and stability. The app loads quickly, hardly ever crashes, and syncs efficiently across multiple devices. Furthermore, the new iPad app with its eye-catching interface makes RTM a worthwhile app to revisit, especially for users who may not have tried it in a while. Head over to the RTM homepage to sign up for a free account or log in to your existing one and start organizing your to-do list more efficiently today.

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