“10 Reasons Why Qwant Is The Ultimate Secure Search Engine – Move Over Google!”

Qwant – The Search Engine with Security and Convenience

When it comes to search engines, Google has been ruling the market for years. However, with growing privacy concerns and the fear of filter bubbles, people have started exploring alternative search engines. One such search engine that has caught the attention of many is Qwant. Qwant is not just about security but also provides the most convenient user experience ever seen on a search engine.

How did Qwant manage to combine security with convenience?

Qwant does not reinvent the wheel and does not aim to challenge Google’s algorithm. However, Qwant’s crawlers visit the global web relentlessly to refine their results. Qwant aims to provide the most relevant search results to its users by crawling numerous search engines, including Google, and many other services like Amazon, Flickr, Facebook, or Twitter.

Qwant’s Qwick: A Convenience Shortcut with Power

Qwant has an amazing service called Qwick that combines convenience with a shortcut and uses the power of a keyword. For example, if you wish to surf Wikipedia’s article on Net-neutrality, all you need to do is type “&w Net-neutrality.” This service not only provides convenience to its users but also saves time and effort.

Prioritizing User Security

While Qwant does not claim to challenge Google’s algorithm, it does concentrate on user safety and does not track users. Qwant’s most promising vow is “no filter bubble.” In the world of search, search engines suggest what they think users should read, which creates filter bubbles. For example, if you ask a friend to search for the same term in Google, the results may differ significantly. Qwant’s promise of “no filter bubble” ensures that users receive the most unbiased search results and are not limited based on their past search history.

Essential Parts: User-Friendly Navigation and Organization

Qwant offers multiple result categories, including web results, international news, social media, and music. Qwant’s music category is especially unique as users do not leave Qwant to listen to their favorite songs; they can listen to them without any interruptions. With bookmarking, adding notes, and results to boards, Qwant provides users with functionalities similar to that of Evernote. Qwant also has a social media flavor built into its system, allowing users to follow other publishers and boards. Qwant’s Safari extension comes to the rescue for Safari users, enabling them to search with Qwant via the URL bar.


Qwant’s impressive features have helped it establish itself as a worthy alternative to Google. Switching to Qwant may relieve users’ privacy concerns while delivering the most relevant and unbiased search results. Qwant also provides convenience through functions such as Qwick and the ability to listen to music without any interruptions. Furthermore, Qwant’s bookmarking, note-taking, and board creation features give users an Evernote-like experience.

In conclusion, Qwant is a great alternative search engine that provides users with essential parts like user-friendly navigation, organization, and a promise of unbiased search results. Have you used Qwant? What is your experience with this search engine? Do you believe we will be seeing more of Qwant in 2017 as well as in upcoming years? Please leave a comment, give your thoughts, opinions, and perspective.

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