“10 Proven Tips to Supercharge Your Daily Motivation”

5 Simple Hacks to Help You Take Control of Your Day

Admittedly, most of us struggle with increasing workloads. Getting through a regular day isn’t as straightforward anymore as it was maybe ten years ago. With the increased pressures we face every day, it only makes sense to find ways that help us hack our days to keep some sort of mental balance.

The sooner we take back control, the more we can eventually relax and enjoy life.

But how can we turn boring tasks into an exciting experience? Here are five simple hacks that can help you take control of your day:

1. Plan for the Week Ahead

Planning is key to taking control of your day. Start by planning for the week ahead. Plan your meals, shopping, and bills. The best day to do this would be Sunday evening, involving the whole family and turning it into a fun night including pizza, soft drinks, and the works if you will.

This will also allow your children to make valuable contributions on how to get more done with less fuss. As a result, you will all get more valuable quality time during the week and feel much happier.

2. Clean Up Before Leaving the House Each Morning

Before you leave the house each morning for work/school, spend 30 minutes cleaning up. Get the kids to clean up their own room, and reward them with “brownie” points if they do. Those points can then be accumulated to earn them a cinema ticket or similar. It doesn’t have to cost the world.

As for you, you’ll love coming home to a clean environment, and if you do this regularly, your house will always be clean (but still lived in).

3. Choose a Set Day to Pay Your Bills Each Week

Choose a set day to pay your bills each week. Often, they are due on a Monday (at least here in Australia they are). So use Monday mornings before work to pay them. Even better, to save more time, put them on automatic payments.

4. Divide Work Between Family Members

Divide work between family members. Even if mum/dad is a stay-at-home mum/dad, it doesn’t mean she/he will have to be everybody’s slave at the end of the day. She/he too deserves a break and some time to herself/himself.

Get the kids involved! The sooner they learn to clean up after themselves, the better they will fare as young adults – plus you’ll get to relax more instead of running after them all the time.

5. Do All Your Shopping at Once

Shopping is an essential necessity. Some of us love it, others don’t. But instead of running to the shops every night to pick up this and that, plan ahead and shop weekly. You will not only save time but also money by buying in bulk.

To save time cooking, you can prep meals ahead of time. Sometimes when we cook a certain meal, it would be beneficial to cook more and freeze for another time. Otherwise, you can do all the prep work on one day of the week. Chop and cut all your vegetables, store them in snap lock containers in the fridge, and when it is time to cook, you will be done before you know it.

The more ways we find to work smart at home, the more we can enjoy time off work at the end of every day. In a world that is increasingly putting more and more demands on us, this has never been more important.


In conclusion, taking control of your day is crucial to your overall wellbeing and happiness. By implementing these five simple hacks, you can reclaim your time and enjoy a more relaxed and enjoyable life. Don’t wait until it’s too late to implement these hacks. Start today and benefit from the results.

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