10 Proven Tips to Overcome Cell Phone Distraction for Good!

Good morning Sir. It’s 7 a.m. The weather is going to be cool today with chances of light showers. As you wake up to yet another day, the first thing most people do is reach out for their cell phones. It has become a habit for most of us to wake up to the beep of a notification or the ring of an alarm on our cell phones.

Over time, what was once a device of convenience has become a major intrusion. Cell phone distraction has become an alarming phase in our lives, maybe more than we care to admit. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to state that this has become a complete addiction.

But can we really get over cell phone distraction and end this addiction? It certainly isn’t easy, but it is possible.


This stage is all about denial – denial that you can’t move your screen away from your eyes, denial that you may have Nomophobia or “no mobile phone” phobia. It is all about making you realize how strong the addiction is.

While you might have already internalized the damage that cell phone distraction is causing you, here’s offering some help with your addiction. We will be providing you with a holistic idea about the consistent pandemic called mobile distractions and guide you around with hacks to tackle the addiction.

Contemplation – A Peek at Cell Phone Distraction

Smartphones have become quite the companion, so much that the real companion is often ignored for the virtual ones. Terrifying statistics on cell phone addiction are not going exactly subtle on the massacre that this distraction has become.

Average mobile phone users click, tap, and swipe their mobile phones 2,617 times a day. Worldwide phone users have crossed the threshold of 3 billion and are predicted to have exponential growth of several hundred million in the coming years. 61.20% of the globe’s population own smartphones as of September 2020.

The latter two statistics prove the rising reliance on phones, and the first number is indicative of the twiddling-thumb syndrome following the addiction.

Considering your widened eyes over the numbers, we can safely assume that you have moved on to stage 2: contemplation. This stage will let you see the change that you need to undergo to ensure a screen-free healthier lifestyle.

How to Break Up with Cell Phone Distraction

Let’s not get obvious here. Reduced attention span, potential loneliness, and mitigating eye-health is something that most of us already know. That’s something that parents all over the globe have been putting out on banners. As a result, these facts are much likely to be considered ‘preaching.’

We, on the other hand, have a greater concern. Your cell phones, most likely, are gnawing away your “me-time” and hence, your creative potentials. That is something that should never be compromised. Thus, it’s time you follow up on the hacks from the pros that have been proven to be effective across all ages.

Here let me fire away the life-altering, screen-shattering hacks that pose as Stage 3 Preparation and Stage 4 Action to cure your addiction:

1. Lean on an App to Track Your Daily Usage of Cell Phones

For the hacks, we start with the most convenient one – installing phone usage tracker apps. With either of these apps playing the ‘personal trainer’ or referee, your hours spent on social media platforms and your phone, as a whole, are tracked down. While you check the hours for the first time, beware: the numbers may not be for the weak hearts!

2. Re-Subscribe to Your Hobbies

The price that you pay for your cell phone distraction is your growing distance from your hobbies. While you kill time with your screen-related engagements, you lose the roots of your hobbies. Re-discover your hobbies and set realistic goals, dividing the time spent on your phones and your hobby. Once you rekindle your old love, the attachment with the screen will eventually wither away.

3. Take a Vow of Silence from Social Media Platforms

The potential impact of social media platforms goes even beyond the mere time spent on it. You tend to take more interest in others’ lives, ending up comparing that with yours. And this has innumerable adversities. Before you go AWOL on us after listening to this, hear us out!

4. Get Your Silent/Do Not Disturb Mode Working Occasionally

While putting your phone on silent during meals or work meetings is a matter of manners, doing the same at other times means you are just prioritizing yourself. This will help you go back to your old habits and stay away from technological labyrinths.

5. Set a Realistic To-Do List for the Day Sans Any Screen-Involvement

Sit down with a daily bucket list before sleeping off at night. Accomplish the listed jobs, and then reward yourself with some social media scrolling.

6. Book Reading

Reading is beneficial, but doing so without screens is even more so. With Kindles, Ipads, and tablets, the charm of the tangible books is gone. However, for those determined to dig away from screen distractions, reading physical books can be a good way to disconnect.

In Conclusion

Our addiction to cell phones isn’t a small problem. It impacts our productivity, relationships, and overall well-being. Ending this addiction will not be easy, but it is necessary. We hope that these six life-altering, screen-shattering hacks will help you get over your addiction to cell phone distraction. It’s time to take control of your life, one app at a time.

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