“10 Proven Techniques to Fuel Your Exercise Routine and Stay Motivated”

10 Simple Steps to Motivate Yourself to Exercise Regularly


Exercise is an essential part of leading a healthy lifestyle. However, motivation is vital when it comes to committing to a regular exercise routine. People often come up with excuses such as lack of time, physical restrictions, or laziness to avoid exercising. In this article, we will discuss ten easy steps to motivate you to exercise regularly.

Step 1: Identify the types of physical activity you enjoy:

It is essential to determine the types of physical activity you like or dislike, as well as the activities that you physically can or cannot do. Focus on doing the activities you enjoy, can do, and able are to financially afford. You don’t need to sign up for a gym contract to get a good workout.

Step 2: Visualize performing the exercise activity:

Visualization is a powerful tool. It gives your brain something to do before your body does it. Try to visualize yourself performing the exercise activity. This technique will make exercising seem more achievable, considering any obstacles one may face.

Step 3: Time limit your activity and don’t cut yourself short:

Tyler Durden from Fight Club said it best, “Don’t let the things you own, own you.” Your job, cell phone, computer, friends, or family can take up a lot of time, but surely you can grant yourself some time to eat, sleep, and use the bathroom, so why not a few minutes for exercise? Start with 5 or 10 minutes, three days a week, and build up from there. Even if you’re super busy traveling the world, you can take 5-10 minutes to stretch and do some push-ups or sit-ups wherever you are.

Step 4: Form an exercise habit, no matter how small it is:

One good habit can lead to another. Committing to too much exercise can burn a person out, especially if they haven’t had an exercise habit for a considerable period. Try starting with basic activities, such as simply dressing in your work-out gear, or going for a walk around the house or your neighbourhood. Even taking 5 minutes to stretch your body is a good start, so long as you can keep doing it regularly.

Step 5: Set milestones and goals for yourself:

Having a fitness goal in mind can be helpful to staying focused. Milestones ensure you keep sight of your goal by having a set of achievable and quantifiable steps leading up to your goal. Break your goal down into manageable pieces, and you’ll feel more motivated to continue exercising.

Step 6: Get involved in the social aspect of it:

Exercising alone can be a bore. Fortunately, in the digital age, it is easy to connect with fellow exercise enthusiasts who enjoy meeting up with others to partake in exercise activities of shared interest.

Step 7: Build interest in the industry:

If you’re getting into a particular sport or activity, learning more about it and the equipment involved is all part of the journey towards becoming a more informed participant.

Step 8: Work towards your ideal self:

Remind yourself of the body and figure you see your ideal self possessing and exercise your way towards it. There is nothing wrong with imagining and working towards or retaining the body you want.

Step 9: Have a better lifestyle:

Once you start to feel the benefits of regular exercise, you may also start to become more conscious of the food you eat and other aspects of your health. Exercising, eating and drinking right, as well as adequate sleep, are all important factors of living a healthy lifestyle.

Step 10: Don’t quit:

Just because you fall short of your milestones or goals doesn’t mean you should stop exercising altogether. Forgive yourself for slipping up and try again. Some physical activity is better than no physical activity at all. The longer you hold your exercise habit, the less likely you will quit, and the more likely you will build upon it!


Motivation is key when it comes to exercising regularly. It’s not always easy, but developing a habit of exercising regularly has numerous benefits. By following the ten simple steps mentioned above, you can motivate yourself to exercise regularly and lead a healthy lifestyle. Remember! Before embarking on any exercise activities, you should consult with your doctor or healthcare professional.