10 Proven Strategies to Enhance Your Questioning Skills

Asking the Right Questions Can Unlock Success

In life, we often face roadblocks that hinder our progress. We may be trying to change jobs, solve a problem, or achieve a goal, but we hit a dead end. In these situations, we tend to make assumptions about what we know or what we can and can’t do. However, nothing stops us from asking questions quite as much as having answers already. This advice has proved its worth by researchers and trainers who have discovered that they were asking the wrong questions because they thought they had the answers for them.

Asking the right questions can unlock success. It is time to change our perspective and ask ourselves questions to challenge our assumptions and open up possibilities. This article outlines three questions to ask ourselves that will help us to identify our goals, assess our resources, and overcome roadblocks to success.

Where Do I Want to Go?

The first question to ask is, where do I want to go? This question demands that we be clear about what we want to achieve. It is not just about what we are trying to do but why we are trying to do it. Sometimes, we forget about the bigger picture and focus too much on a single problem, leading us to hit a dead end. For example, you might be trying to open a jammed drawer to get spare batteries when you actually have spare batteries in another place altogether. You might forget to ask yourself what you are trying to achieve and concentrate instead on what you are trying to do.

Asking where you want to go prompts you to focus on your ultimate goal and helps you to choose a different approach to reach that goal. It allows you to go around the problem rather than head-butting it to make it work.

Where Am I Now?

The second question to ask is, where am I now? This question is linked to the first, as it is about assessing your current situation in the context of your goals. Instead of just focusing on what you haven’t done or achieved, this question encourages you to take stock of what you have. You might realize that you have already achieved your ultimate goal, but you have been too focused on reaching arbitrary targets that you set for yourself.

For example, if you are a business owner, you might be fixated on expanding your company without realizing that you have already achieved what you wanted for your family’s quality of life. Perhaps you have been working too hard to reach expansion targets, causing stress and anxiety, but forgetting the reason why you set them. The second question helps you to step back and look at your achievements in the context of your ultimate goal.

What Resources Do I Have?

The third question to ask is, what resources do I have? This question prompts you to consider what you can do and who you can ask for help. Instead of assuming that you are the only resource available, asking this question opens your mind to the staggering support and resources that can be brought to bear on a problem.

You might realize that you have been struggling with a problem that someone else could solve easily. Perhaps you have forgotten that you can email someone who writes WordPress plugins for a living or ask for help from a friend or colleague. This question reminds us that we are not alone in our struggles and that there are people and resources available to help us overcome roadblocks.

In conclusion, asking the right questions can unlock success in our lives. The three questions outlined in this article prompt us to challenge our assumptions, assess our situation, and identify resources and support available to help us reach our goals. By asking these questions, we can overcome roadblocks and achieve success, both personally and professionally.

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