10 Proven Strategies for Persisting During Difficult Times

Life can get tough, and this has become even more apparent during the Covid-19 pandemic. Many people are struggling with various challenges, such as job loss, illness, restrictions on movement and social contact, and the loss of loved ones. However, it’s important to keep fighting for the better times ahead. In this article, we’ll explore some ways to help you get through tough times.

1. Meet Your Basic Needs

The first step in getting through tough times is to ensure that your basic needs are met. This means getting enough sleep and eating regularly. Your physical health is closely linked to your mental health, and it’s difficult to keep fighting mentally if you’re physically drained. If you struggle to achieve anything else, just make sure you’re meeting your basic needs.

2. Change Your Expectations of Yourself

When going through a difficult time, it’s unrealistic to expect that you can perform at your full potential. Accept that you’re going through a rough patch and adjust your expectations accordingly. Otherwise, you might feel guilty or disappointed for not being able to perform at the same level as before, which can reduce your ability to keep fighting. Reset the bar of what “good” looks like and focus on getting through each day, one by one.

3. Tackle the Problem Head on

When you find small moments of physical or mental energy, use them to start tackling your problems head on. For example, if you’re grieving the loss of a loved one, start allowing yourself to think of them and process your emotions in small bursts. If you’re struggling to find new job opportunities, take small bursts of energy to start reaching out to others for help. Try switching up your approach occasionally so that you don’t get demotivated by doing the same thing repeatedly.

4. Be Kind to Yourself

No matter what you’re going through, it’s essential to do something every day that makes you happy. Focus on small pleasures like having a cup of coffee or taking a relaxing bath. Remind yourself what you’re fighting for and why. Being kind to yourself will give you that extra push to keep going. Care for yourself as you would care for a friend going through a similar thing.

5. Remember That Life Is About ups and Downs

Life is full of ups and downs, and it’s important to remember that you’ll experience both. When you’re feeling down, it’s easy to forget that you’ve previously experienced the “up.” The reason why you keep fighting when you’re down is so that you can experience the opposite once more.

6. Reduce Exposure to Things That Trigger Negative Emotions

When you’re feeling weak, the last thing you need is to allow things that trigger negative emotions into your life. Cut them all out, whether that’s the news, social media, or unhelpful people in your circle. Surround yourself with positivity as much as possible. If you feel like you might be creating your own negativity, read up on ways to stop negative thinking.

7. Get Help

Finally, don’t be afraid to reach out for help if you feel like you can’t keep fighting. We all need a helping hand sometimes, and there’s nothing to be ashamed of. Share your feelings with others who understand what you’re experiencing. Online forums are a great way to find support from others going through similar issues.

In conclusion, life can get tough, but it’s essential to keep fighting for the better times ahead. Take care of yourself by meeting your basic needs and being kind to yourself. Adjust your expectations of yourself and tackle your problems head on. Remember that life has ups and downs and reduce your exposure to negative triggers. Finally, reach out for help when you need it. May these tips guide you through any difficult times you may be facing.

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