“10 Proven Habits That Make You More Likable and Influential”

Why Likability Is Key to Successful Leadership

In the corporate world, leadership is often associated with domination, assertiveness, and control. While these qualities may have their place, they aren’t always enough to earn the trust and loyalty of a team. Likability, on the other hand, is an underrated yet vital component of successful leadership. It’s a trait that not only endears leaders to their teams but also helps them to influence and inspire others to achieve common goals.

But what makes likable leaders stand out from the crowd? Here are ten habits and traits that distinguish them from their less likable counterparts:

1. Positive Mental Attitude
One of the primary traits of likable people is their ability to maintain a positive and infectious mental attitude. Despite the cynicism and negativity that often pervade corporate environments, these individuals remain upbeat and optimistic, inspiring their teams to approach problems and challenges with the same mentality.

2. Learn from Failure
Likable leaders never let failure get the better of them. Instead of dwelling on their shortcomings, they approach setbacks as opportunities for growth and learning. This positivity not only allows them to bounce back stronger than before but also sets a great example for their team.

3. Inquisitive Nature
Good communication is essential for any team to succeed, and likable leaders know how to listen and communicate with others. They have an inquisitive nature and are always eager to learn from others, which makes them approachable and fosters collaboration.

4. Deliberate and Confident Tone
As they communicate with others, likable leaders speak deliberately and confidently. This style of communication inspires trust and reassurance, whether they’re addressing a single employee or the entire team.

5. Composure
Maintaining composure in stressful situations is a hallmark of a good leader, and likable individuals are masters at this. They stay calm and level-headed, even when everything around them is falling apart, setting an example for their team to follow.

6. Open-Minded
The willingness to accept change and engage with diverse perspectives is another essential trait of likable leaders. They’re not afraid to explore different ideas and perspectives, which ultimately enables them to find creative solutions to problems.

7. Suppressed Negative Thoughts
Honesty is a crucial quality in any leader, but it’s essential to avoid oversharing negative thoughts, which can be demotivating for your team. Likable leaders know how to balance honesty with self-discipline, allowing them to keep their negative thoughts in check.

8. Avoid Attention Seeking
Attention-seeking behavior is often a sign of insecurity, and likable leaders don’t have time for it. They focus on their work and accomplishments, avoiding self-promotion unless it’s for a genuinely selfless act or achievement.

9. Genuine Praise
Praising people when they do great work is vital, but insincere or excessive praise is counterproductive. Likable leaders know how to strike the right balance, offering genuine praise that’s both motivating and believable.

10. Honest Feedback
Finally, likable leaders rely on honest feedback from trusted confidants to help them improve. They know that having someone who’s willing to point out your flaws and weaknesses is a critical component of continued growth and development.


Being likable may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of “good leadership,” but it’s a quality that’s just as essential as any other. Likable leaders inspire their teams through their positivity, openness, and willingness to learn and grow. They speak deliberately and confidently, maintain their composure in stressful situations, and avoid negative thoughts and attention-seeking. And they always maintain their focus on the work at hand, avoiding self-promotion in favor of showcasing their team’s collective accomplishments. So if you’re looking to be a better leader, start by cultivating these ten likable qualities, and watch your team’s productivity, motivation, and morale soar.

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