10 Proven Habits for Consistently Generating Exceptional Ideas

10 Habits of Idea Generators: How to Grow Your Next Great Idea

Ideas are the lifeblood of innovation, and the people that come up with them are often revered in our society. We often think of these individuals as “idea factories,” churning out great new idea after great new idea. But how do these people come up with these ideas? And, equally important, what do they do to keep themselves unaffected by harsh critics? In this article, we will delve into the habits of people who grow and develop ideas and run with them, exploring how they connect with others, do the work, and say “yes!” to new experiences.


One of the most important habits of those who develop great ideas is connecting with others. Human interaction and experience are an essential foundation for inquiry and creativity. Contrary opinions often help to kickstart the thought process and lead to new ideas. Without engaging with others, your perfect bubble of thought may not lead to a viable idea.

Do the Work

As mentioned earlier, ideas are not born in a vacuum; doing the work is critical. Research, reading, and interaction are all valuable ways to create and develop the next big idea. Daily reading from various sources can expose you to new information and different viewpoints, leading to new ways of thinking about a particular topic.

Say “Yes!”

To generate ideas, it is essential to be open to new experiences, to embrace the unknown, and say “yes” when given opportunities to try new things. Trying new experiences can lead to insights that you may not have discovered otherwise.

Motivate Themselves

Idea generators know that no one but themselves will motivate them. They are less interested in pleasing others or meeting external circumstances but are driven by a determination to create. Having the drive to do it alone and without being told to leads to authentic and inspired ideas.

Feel the Fear . . . and Proceed in Spite of It

It is crucial to understand that idea people also experience fear. Often, they have greater fears because the stakes are higher, and they take greater risks. Instead of letting fear stop them, they embrace it and push forward. Taking fear, giving it a big hug, and moving forward is the definition of courage.

Try New Things

Some of the most successful idea generators ask others for new things to try and then do them. If you’ve been wanting to try something new, the process itself can be the source of inspiration. Sometimes the idea isn’t generated by the result, but by the act of trying something new.

Let Go of Being a Know-It-All

If you believe that you already know everything, it limits your ability to discover fresh concepts and information about something you thought you already knew. Trying out a “beginner’s mind” approach, where you approach everything with curiosity and openness, can lead you to new ideas.

Read and Watch for Inspiration

If you are in an idea slump, try watching inspiring TED Talks or reading innovative books. Focusing on something else that inspires you can help spark the fire within your own idea factory.

Take Breaks

Staring at a blank page for too long can be frustrating and counterproductive. Changing your perspective is essential, and getting up, taking a break, and focusing on something entirely different can lead to new insights. Sometimes ideas spontaneously appear when you stop willing them into existence.

Enlist the Help of Your Community

Sometimes you need a little help from your friends or professional community to get your idea off the ground. By asking for input or a poll from people you know and trust, you may be able to take your thought from a half-formed idea to the next big thing.

In conclusion, generating great ideas may seem like a magic formula for some, but it takes focus, determination, and commitment. As we’ve seen, it involves connecting with others, doing the work, trying new things, and finding inspiration in unexpected places. So, start applying these ten creative habits to your life today and watch your next great idea take shape.

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