10 Proven Comprehension Strategies That Boost Your Learning Potential

From a young age, we are taught the essential skill of reading. As we grow older, the necessity for comprehension strategies becomes more apparent. There is a significant difference between reading comprehension amongst children and adults. It is a subject that has not been explored much in science, as there are more studies discussing children’s reading abilities than those of adults.

Comprehension strategies are techniques used to enhance an individual’s ability to process and retain information while reading. As adults are keen on processing information, our comprehension strategies focus more on the external environment rather than the internal. However, some strategies, such as reading out loud, can be used to improve internal processes as well. Here are some external comprehension strategies to try out:

1. Place yourself in a distraction-free environment – With so many distractions these days, it is essential to create an environment suitable for learning. Consider going to the library, a study room, or listening to classical or ambient music to help you concentrate.

2. Have someone smarter read with you – When trying to understand complex books or articles, it is helpful to have an experienced person to guide you.

3. Reading out loud – Reading out loud helps you to focus on each word and process it more effectively.

4. Re-reading – Sometimes, it is necessary to take a break and read a passage or a paragraph again to understand.

To leverage these comprehension strategies effectively, it is essential to dedicate time to reading. Devote a minimum of two to three hours per week to reading. Additionally, it is essential to broaden your reading horizon and read different texts to challenge your comprehension abilities.

Expanding your vocabulary also plays a significant role in developing comprehension. Keep a running list of new words you come across while reading and make an effort to memorize them. Reading for the joy of it is also a strategy that can be used to relieve the pressure of reading solely for growth or work.

The last strategy is to stay curious. Curiosity leads to wanting to know more, and when we seek answers, learning occurs. Keep an open mind when reading and seek interest in topics outside our everyday knowledge.

In conclusion, reading comprehension is a skill that can be improved through various strategies. Utilizing these techniques and dedicating time to reading will develop the skill. By expanding our vocabulary, challenging our reading abilities, and staying curious, we can enhance our comprehension beyond what we thought possible.

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