10 Power-Packed Interview Questions That Will Boost Your Confidence

10 Questions to Ask Before Your Job Interview

Job interviews can be stressful and anxiety-inducing, but proper preparation can make a big difference in your confidence on the day of the interview. Here are 10 questions to consider before you head off to your interview and ace it!

1. Can you send me a job description?

It’s essential to be informed about the key skills and job responsibilities. Whenever you receive a call or email for an interview, don’t forget to ask for a job description. Utilize this material to plan your questions and build a bridge to your accomplishments, making you a better prepared candidate.

2. Who will I be meeting with?

Always try to ask in advance for the name of the person who will be interviewing you and their position in the company. Do some research before the interview and see if you can find helpful information about them.

3. What role does the interviewer play in the organization?

Most companies do short screening interviews to shortlist suitable candidates for the next round of meetings. The top job decision-makers, like your potential future boss, might not be present at the screening round.

4. What format will the interview take?

Before the big day, find out if there is anything else you will be required to do during the interview. You should ask this in advance when you receive the interview invitation call or email. Are you supposed to give a presentation? If so, how long will it last?

5. Why do I want this job?

This is the MOST important question you will be asked during the interview. Your answer should be convincing, and you should describe how you can contribute to the company and how the position fits into your career plans. Researching the company beforehand will help you give a good, confident answer.

6. What should I wear?

Even if you are not fond of formal clothes, don’t even think about dressing casually in an interview situation. Although for some careers, like graphic design, dress codes are more relaxed, but when it comes to business and academia, formal attire is usually expected.

7. How will I get there?

Always remember to plan your transport arrangements in advance. Arriving late will not only leave a bad impression, but it can also make you more stressed and anxious. Your first impression is your last impression, so try to avoid fumbles like arriving late on the interview day.

8. What time should I arrive?

Pick a time to arrive at the venue about 10 minutes before the interview because the extra time will allow you to get into the building and confirm the appointment. If the recruiter is expecting you at a certain time, showing up late and making excuses will give a bad impression – which isn’t a good way to start an interview.

9. What should I do the night before?

The night before the interview, do your paperwork and get your clothes ready. Don’t confuse yourself with over-preparation at the last minute.

10. How can I keep calm?

On the day of the interview, try doing some deep breathing exercises to keep you calm in front of the interviewer. Everyone gets nervous in job interviews, but asking these questions in advance will help you be more confident about the interview, which will calm your nerves and give you a better chance of success.

In conclusion, a decent interview is an exchange of information, not an interrogation. Follow these tips and techniques to make a big difference in your confidence on the day of the interview. Good luck!

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