10 Must-Try LinkedIn Apps That Will Boost Your Networking Game

7 Must-Have LinkedIn Apps for Increased Productivity and Efficiency

LinkedIn: A Professional Online Presence
LinkedIn: Transitioning into a Content Marketing Platform
LinkedIn: A Growing Platform for Small and Medium-sized Businesses
LinkedIn Mobile App: Features and Benefits
Pulse: A Handy App for Staying on Top of Business News
Oktopost: Cost-Effective Manager for Tracking and Reporting Statistics
Connection Timeline: Visualizing LinkedIn Profile Development
ResumeBuilder: A Shortcut for Creating a Full CV

LinkedIn has become an essential social network in building a professional online presence. While Facebook is a platform for entertainment, LinkedIn is solely dedicated to business. This has resulted in companies worldwide using it to find potential customers and increase their revenues.

With rapid growth, LinkedIn currently has over 300 million users and is gaining two users per second. Consequently, the platform has announced its transition from a mere networking site to a content marketing platform. This article aims to explore seven must-have LinkedIn apps designed to increase productivity and efficiency.

LinkedIn Mobile App

The LinkedIn mobile app is available for iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone users. It not only provides access to the LinkedIn social network but also integrates with some other phone features. For instance, if you schedule a meeting on your LinkedIn app, it will appear on your Calendar app, reminding you of the time and place. Furthermore, you can apply for jobs directly from your mobile phone and interact with news that interests you.


Pulse is another LinkedIn app that is handy when staying on top of current business news. It is tailored to display news content that is relevant to you, enabling you to their sources are reliable. In addition, users can view a catalog of new content and share anything they find interesting on other social networks such as Facebook or Twitter. The app also includes an offline mode that saves all your stories, ensuring you can read regardless of having Wi-Fi.


Oktopost is an excellent LinkedIn app that allows you to manage all your various social media accounts. It is cost-effective, enables tracking, and reports statistics from all your other accounts, helping you measure the value of other media campaigns. Oktopost also distributes content on a more comprehensive scale, subsequently measuring its impact using various analytical tools, ensuring improvement in future marketing efforts. Furthermore, Oktopost offers a campaign calendar, which allows you to see when specific content is scheduled for publication, automatically measuring clicks, leads, among other campaign factors.

Connection Timeline

Connection Timeline is another LinkedIn app that visually displays your LinkedIn profile development. The app creates a timeline using all your connections, and you can see when the most crucial part of your LinkedIn development was. It is essential to note that the amount needed to create this visualization depends on the size of your connection list.


ResumeBuilder is a tool that automatically connects to your LinkedIn account, taking all the necessary information to help you create a full CV. Although adjustments may be necessary here and there, the app saves time and is a convenient shortcut for busy users. Furthermore, a tailored CV is essential when applying for specific jobs, and the ResumeBuilder application ensures personalization and a professional look.


LinkedIn is an essential platform for professionals all over the world. With its growth and transition from mere networking, to a content marketing platform, LinkedIn will become even more important. As a result, users need to upgrade their experience and explore the various apps available for improved productivity and efficiency. Although the above-listed apps are the must-have LinkedIn apps, there are many more waiting to be discovered.

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