10 Must-Have Meeting Templates for Ultimate Productivity – Your Shortcut to Seamless Planning and Organization

Maximizing Meeting Efficiency with the MPOW Template

Meetings have always been an essential aspect of any organization’s operation. It allows members to communicate with each other, discuss issues and solutions, and arrive at a decision or conclusion. But oftentimes, meetings can end up wasting time, energy, and money if it is not organized and carried out effectively.

This is where the Meeting Planner/Organizer/Worksheet (MPOW) template developed by studentl.inc comes in. Though created with student leaders in mind, it has practical benefits for anyone tasked with leading meetings. Here are the six sections of the MPOW and how it can maximize meeting efficiency.

Meeting Purpose

This section of the MPOW template encourages the student leader to ask the fundamental question, “Why do we need to have this meeting?” It prompts the organizer to define the purpose of the meeting and establish its objective. By doing so, the leader ensures that the meeting is necessary, and not just a forced gathering of people. This will help to avoid scheduling unnecessary meetings that can take up precious time and resources.

Meeting Preparation

This part of the MPOW reminds the student leader to prepare beforehand and to ensure that everything is in place before the meeting starts. It includes a checklist of key items that need to be reviewed and secured before the meeting, such as reservation of a meeting room, equipment set-up, and preparation of necessary documents. By taking care of these details, the meeting can start promptly, and participants can focus on the matters at hand.

Meeting Agenda

The agenda is a crucial element of any meeting. It outlines the topics to be covered and ensures that everyone is on the same page with regards to what will be discussed. The MPOW template offers a section for the leader to create the meeting agenda and to keep track of which items have been discussed or postponed. By using the agenda, the meeting stays focused on the objectives, and participants can have a clear understanding of what they need to do.

Meeting Action Items

The MPOW considers the most important aspect of any meeting- the action items. These are the tasks that result from the discussions and decisions made during the meeting. This section of the template includes space for recording the action items, the people responsible for the work, and the deadlines for the tasks. By assigning ownership and deadlines, the student leader can ensure that each action item is taken care of efficiently.

Meeting Follow-up

The meeting follow-up section prompts the student leader to document the outcomes of the meeting and communicate it to the participants. It includes recording the decisions made, reiterating the action items, and sending out a follow-up email or memo. By doing this, the student leader reinforces the decisions of the meeting and ensures that everyone is informed of their responsibilities.

Meeting Evaluation

The final section of the MPOW template encourages the student leader to conduct a meeting evaluation. It allows the organizer to examine what went well, what didn’t, and what could be improved on. By evaluating the meeting, the student leader can learn from the experience and ensure that future meetings are more productive and satisfying for all participants.

In conclusion, the Meeting Planner/Organizer/Worksheet (MPOW) template from studentl.inc provides valuable tools for student leaders and other meeting organizers on how to plan, prepare, and execute an effective meeting. Its six sections, Meeting Purpose, Meeting Preparation, Meeting Agenda, Meeting Action Items, Meeting Follow-up and Meeting Evaluation, ensures that meetings are organized and structured, and participants can stay focused on the objectives. With the MPOW template, meetings can be a more productive and satisfying experience for everyone involved.

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