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The Importance of Character: Lessons from The Green Mile

Many experiences in life can change one’s perspective, leaving an impact that can completely alter the path of one’s life. How we respond to these events define our character, making us who we are and showcasing our courage and bravery. The 1996 novel, The Green Mile, written by Stephen King, and its 1999 adaptation by director Frank Darabont, showcase the importance of one’s character and how it shapes the decisions and actions we take.

Man with a Special Gift

The Green Mile is a movie that follows the lives of prison guards at death row, whose lives have been affected by one of their prisoners. John Coffey, played by the late Michael Clarke Duncan, serves a sentence for accusations of child murder and rape. He has a mysterious gift that catches the attention of the prison guards. The story is set in the 1930s and follows the tale of Paul Edgecomb, played by Tom Hanks, and Brutus ‘Brutal’ Howell, played by David Morse, whose lives are turned around when they receive John as a prisoner on death row.

Initially, John is despised by the guards due to his size and his crime. However, as the story evolves and Paul spends more time watching over John, he realizes that John is actually a kind-hearted person with a unique gift. The story is shown through flashbacks of Paul’s life during the Great Depression era and the supernatural events he witnessed while overseeing John. John helps Paul relieve his bladder infection and helps resurrect a fellow prisoner’s dead pet. He also helps cure the chief warden’s wife of her brain tumor using his supernatural powers.

Don’t Judge a Book by Its Cover

The movie is both emotional and captivating, as it is told through the memory of Paul as he relives the time he spent as a death row officer. The storyline is flawless, and the cast portrays the characters with absolute perfection. The emotional ending touches the heart of the audience. The movie was highly rated by critics, with some of them saying that “Though the Green Mile is long, critics say it’s an absorbing, emotionally powerful experience.”

The movie delivers a powerful message for viewers to not judge anyone without getting to know them. It also teaches them to look for the light in the dark and how those moments can change their lives forever.

Lessons on Character

The Green Mile showcases the value of having a strong character and how it shapes the way we deal with difficult situations. Paul’s decision to trust John and believe in his innocence, despite his crime and initial appearance, shows how having virtue and a sense of compassion can impact the outcome of a particular situation. It also teaches us that we should not let one’s past mistakes define them.

The film further demonstrates the importance of being selfless and compassionate towards others. John’s supernatural powers enable him to heal others and even bring back the dead. He uses his gift to help others without expecting anything in return, showing the viewers the true essence of being human.

In conclusion, The Green Mile is a movie that delivers a powerful message to its viewers. Its exceptional cast, perfect storyline, and emotional ending make it a must-watch movie for those looking to be amazed by an incredible story. The film showcases the value of having a strong character, being selfless, and looking beyond the exterior appearance of people to discover who they are truly. The Green Mile reminds us that what defines us are not the events that happened to us, but how we react to them and how we shape our character through our actions and decisions.

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