“10 Male Personas Every Woman Meets Before Finding Her Soulmate”

10 Types of Guys Every Woman Dates Before Finding The One

Dating is a journey that can lead you to your soulmate, but the road is not always smooth. Before finding The One, most women have experiences with a whole parade of Not The Ones. These guys may not have turned out to be the one but they have brought laughter, memories and valuable lessons.

1. The Hot Guy

This guy is super attractive, every woman turns their head when they see you with him. You feel good about yourself until you overhear people wondering why he’s with you. You start doubting yourself and your attractiveness level when he is around. In the end, his obsession with gym workouts starts to get a little too much and you move on.

2. The Cool Guy

This guy knows all the latest trends and has heard of bands, beers, and even countries that you haven’t. You have to reevaluate your taste in music and buy a whole new wardrobe that fits his interests. In the end, you start to realise that it’s too exhausting to spend all your time pretending to be someone else and move on.

3. The Ambitious Guy

Your mom is thrilled when you tell her about him because he is on track to become a CEO or get his PhD before age 27. But rarely do you ever see him because he prioritises his career over you. You start to realise that there is nothing more important than spending time with someone you care about, hence why it doesn’t end up working out.

4. The Brilliant Guy

This guy is incredibly intelligent and has impressive knowledge when it comes to literature and indie films. He is great at work and at leisure, but his leisure is not the same as yours. You leave when you start daydreaming about The Hot Guy again, as at least he was fun to be around.

5. The Guy Who Always Liked You

This guy has had a crush on you since the fifth grade, and you’ve remained friends ever since. But when you give in and make out with him, he becomes obsessed with you. A romantic comedy would suggest that he’s the one for you, but in reality, you know you’re lukewarm on him. You let him down gently and move on.

6. The Partier

You meet this guy at a party and see him at two other parties that month. Upon dating him, you realise you’re just a small part of his party lifestyle, which quickly becomes exhausting. You can’t see yourself settling down with him, so you leave when you start stalking The Brilliant Guy on Reddit.

7. The Perfect on Paper Guy

You find this guy online or get set up by a mutual friend. He went to a great school, has a great job, is good looking and athletic. He seems perfect on paper, but you don’t feel a spark on the first date. You feel silly ending things because he seems so great, but you eventually have to admit to yourself that you’re just not that into him.

8. The Guy in a Band

This guy seems really awesome, especially when he writes a song about you. However, when you realise he’s 26 and considers playing guitar in his friend’s garage as his main job, you start to worry. Plus, some other girl claims the song was about her. He is secretly happy when you end things because it gives him inspiration for a breakup ballad.

9. The Older Guy

It’s refreshing to be with someone who knows what restaurants are good in Italy, but you start to feel like he’s on a different page. Although he’s a great kisser and very intelligent, he uses full sentences when texting which can be reminiscent of talking to your dad. It starts to feel like you have nothing in common, so you say goodbye.

10. The One

Finally, not a minute too soon, The One arrives on the scene. You know right away that you’re in love, but you don’t tell him until a few months in. Upon confessing your feelings, he reveals that he knew you were The One for him right away. It’s like a fairytale love story.

In conclusion, everyone’s dating journey is unique, and there is no guarantee it will be smooth sailing. Some people do have multiple ‘The Ones’. However, for the purposes of this article, we will not dwell on that. In the end, every breakup teaches you valuable lessons on what you want and don’t want in a partner. Moving on and letting go opens you up to a new world of possibilities, including finding The One.