“10 Lucrative Business Concepts That Will Skyrocket Your Entrepreneurial Success”

For most of us nine-to-fivers, the idea of working for ourselves is a dreamy one indeed. Who doesn’t want to be one’s own boss, and to have a few employees to boss around instead? Okay, just kidding. But the idea of working and earning for yourself, doing what you’ve always dreamed of doing, and not having to toe the line to another’s whims and fancies in what we all secretly fantasize about – especially on the days we hate our jobs. And frankly, with a little planning and some hard work, your business ideas can indeed germinate into full-fledged businesses indeed.

The world of entrepreneurship is vast and always expanding. Starting a business has become easier than ever. Aspiring entrepreneurs have access to online platforms to launch their ideas, resources to develop a product or service, and a larger audience on social media. This makes it easy for entrepreneurs to start small, work from home, and slowly grow their businesses. However, before diving into entrepreneurship, it is essential to choose the right business idea for your goals, capabilities, and resources.

Frankly, there’s so much you can do when it comes to running your own business in this ever-expanding world. That said, many entrepreneurs would advocate that you start a “side business” while you are still working a full-time job so as to not put a drain on your finances. Also, businesses take time to grow so putting your eggs in just the business basket may not yield you the desired results. While a full-time job and a side business may be difficult to run and demand many sacrifices, remember that it can be done. Here are some points to remember.

Divert your hobbies into business ideas: Your professional qualifications need not define you. Business ideas can come from your hobbies too. Your passion for painting, cooking, dancing, or writing can be turned into a thriving business.

Use all available resources: What you have with you can often be turned into business ideas. Brainstorm and use your earthly possessions to help make you a business owner. Do you have an empty garage or an extra room that can be converted into a workspace? Do you have a car that you no longer use? Rent it out to make money.

Use your profession to augment your earnings: Sometimes the easiest business ideas come from what you already do. If you have expertise and experience in a particular field, start your own consulting business or offer your services as a freelancer. Your professional network can help you get clients.

Here are 100 awesome business ideas to choose from:

1. Sell DIY art: Art or beauty is pretty subjective, but if you can make reasonably pretty stuff, there’ll always be buyers for it.

2. Sell impressions: If you have always been able to copy paintings, hue for hue, offer people impressionist art.

3. Create handmade jewelry: Your talent can earn you plenty.

4. Run a pet hotel: The open space of your large home can easily be converted into a pet care facility for travelling pet owners.

5. Become an art coach: People want to be artistic – so charge them to teach them the skills you have.

6. Sell tailor-made cakes: Fancy yourself a chef? Well, use your talents to bring joy into birthdays by making made-to-order cakes and earn money doing it!

7. Sell cookies: If you live around young millennials who stay away from home, your homemade cookie-selling business ideas may find many takers.

8. Offer cooking classes: Put your kitchen skills to good use and teach people to be better cooks.

9. Offer a homemade packed lunch service: Far too many Americans are headed towards being obese – offer a healthy packed lunch service that gives them taste but saves the calories.

10. Start a catering business: Your small kitchen and individual skills can turn into catering business ideas.

11. Beer brewery: Tipples always remain great business ideas so if you know a thing or two about brewing amazing beers – there’ll always be parties to cater to.

12. Freelance as a graphic designer: If you love to play around with logos and designs, people would love to pay for that.

13. Become a wedding photographer: If people love your couple clicks, start freelancing as a low-cost wedding photographer and slowly build-up prices and clientele.

14. Offer child photography services: Being good with kids is an added advantage for a business like this, and everyone loves happy pics of their kids.

15. Become an online photography coach: Your serious camera skills can earn you some serious money.

16. Become a handyman: Know your plumbing or electronics? Become a part-time handyman.

17. Become a niche travel agent: Niche travel always works better than generalized ones. So how about you offer something that’s close to your heart and helps people have better travel experiences?

18. Become a freelance writer: Your writing skills can become a good side business for you.

19. Offer ghostwriting services: The best of companies needs good writers to sound the best they can be – that could be you.

20. Write for greeting cards: If your witty one-liners have been a hit, write them for greeting card companies and turn your humor into business ideas.

21. Design tees: Your one-liners can also be turned into awesome t-shirts.

22. Write erotica: There’s nothing like fetish erotic writing to make you money on the side and have fun along the way!

23. Become an eBook writer: Beauty tips or yoga tips, kiddie stories, or erotic tales – there’s always room for another eBook.

24. Embroider custom gifts: Nothing conveys love more than a custom, handmade gift so put your needlework skills to good use.

25. Offer astrology skills: Start your own astrology website if you know all about stars and signs, and people may just flock to your excellent predictions.

26. Become a happiness consultant: Vastushastra or Feng Shui – if you know your home science, run a consultation service.

27. Start a dance class: Online or studio, your excellent dancing skills can do more than just impress.

28. Do portraits: If you are an excellent sketcher, offer people an online portrait service.

29. Make and sell seasonal decorations: Spread Christmas cheer by turning your famous homemade ornaments into business ideas.

30. Become a voice-over artist: If public speaking and a great voice talent is your thing, moonlight as a voice-over artist on the side.

31. Become a pet-toy seller: Known how to make great pet toys? Sell them online

32. Become a toy maker: Your homemade toys may have been great gifts – now is the time to turn them into business ideas.

33. Tailor some business ideas: Love clothes and stitching? Then think about a part-time tailoring, refurbishing, or alteration chop shop.

34. Offer customizable art: Sometimes people want art to best reflect their life – offer them custom paintings or sculptures at reasonable costs.

35. Make custom furniture: Your furniture-making hobby can become part-time business ideas.

36. Teach some tunes: If notes are your key, let them flow into business ideas and teach some music – instrument or otherwise.

37. Become a dating consultant: So if love to set people up, and are successful at it – you can turn your skills into business ideas.

38. Start a niche blog: Your hobby ideas can become business ideas with a blog that you can monetize later.

39. Run a motel: Have a largish house with far too many rooms? Convert a floor or two into a B&B.

40. Become a dog walker: If you tend to be an early riser, use that time to become a dog walker for your neighborhood – get paid to take in the fresh air as well.

41. Offer babysitting services: If your job allows flexible hours, or is more of a work from home variety – babysit to increase your income in your free time.

42. Sell hand-painted clothes: Plain tees can look amazing when hand-painted – offer people wearable art – each clothing customized to their taste, a unique piece indeed.

43. Start a pet spa: A license, some equipment, and plenty of pet love is all you need to start this rather money-making venture.

44. Become a caregiver: Plenty of experience and know-how in caring for the elderly – become a part-time caregiver to augment your income.

45. Join online gigs: Places like Fiverr give you an opportunity to earn money from what you are good at and sell your customized gigs.

46. Rent your car: If you have a vehicle you no longer need, rent it out to Turo or a similar taxi service and let the car make you bucks.

47. Start an auto-service garage: Have a state-of-the-art garage? Convert it into an auto service or paint shop.

48. Start a nursery: A large backyard can actually be converted into a nursery or even a garden center of sorts.

49. Start a tuck shop: Have realty that sits on a hiking trail? Convert it into a tuck or goods shop and make some money off it.

50. Rent out extra properties: Left with a realty legacy of sorts? Rent or sublet these properties and let them make money for you.

51. Become a property manager: If you have experience managing your property, you can do this for others as well.

52. Become a virtual assistant: If you are great at time management and organizational skills, offer your services as a virtual assistant.

53. Play the stock market: Have money to spare? The share market can generate many business ideas – start small though.

54. Consult for local business: Moving from a big city to a small one? People would be eager to pay you bucks for any specific expertise or know-how you might have.

55. Teach what you no longer do: Have any old musical instrument collecting dust in your attic? Teach it.

56. Become a personal trainer: If you are fit and love to work out, why not turn that passion into a personal training business.

57. Open a small grocery store: If you have a knack for spotting good grocery deals, you can start your own small grocery store.

58. Offer resume-writing services: If you have marketing or HR experience, you could offer resume writing and career consulting services.

59. Open a salon: If you are handy with scissors and hair dyes, you can open your own salon.

60. Become a fitness class instructor: If you have the stamina to keep up with high-energy fitness classes, you could train to become a fitness class instructor.

61. Offer social media management services: If you have a knack for social media, you could offer your services to small businesses.

62. Sell health and wellness products: If you are passionate about health and wellness, consider selling natural supplements or wellness teas.

63. Become a life coach: If you are a good listener and have a positive attitude, you could become a life coach.

64. Offer writing and editing services: If you have exceptional writing or editing skills, consider offering those as freelance services.

65. Open a daycare: If you love kids, you could open a daycare and provide childcare services.

66. Become a transcriptionist: If you are good at typing and have a good ear for dictation, you could become a transcriptionist.

67. Offer personal grocery shopping services: If you are organized and love to grocery shop, consider offering personal shopping services.

68. Sell organic food: If you believe in eating organic and have a green thumb, consider selling organic produce.

69. Open a pet store: If you love animals, you could consider opening a pet store