“10 Life-Changing Tips My Younger Self Gave Me for Career Success”

How to Rediscover the Joy in Your Career and Life: Advice from Your Younger Self

As we grow older, we often prioritize financial stability, career growth, and responsibilities over things we once enjoyed. We begin to see work as a means to an end, rather than something that can bring us fulfillment and joy. But what if we could go back in time and ask our younger selves for advice on how to balance these priorities? Here are some insights from a hypothetical conversation between our current selves and our younger, carefree selves:

You Aren’t Your Work

Perhaps the most significant lesson we can learn from our younger selves is the importance of separating work from personal life. When we were in high school or college, we likely held several part-time jobs that we didn’t take very seriously. We understood that our purpose was to earn money, gain experience, and move on. But as we grow older and start building a career, we tend to take our work more seriously. We become emotionally invested in our jobs and feel the weight of responsibility on our shoulders.

But our younger selves would remind us that work doesn’t define us. It’s essential to learn to leave work at work and focus on our personal lives outside of it. We can still do great work while we’re on the job, but we shouldn’t let it consume us. Making a good impression at work doesn’t mean stressing so much or working harder than necessary. We must remember to enjoy our time to ourselves, too.

Meet New People

When we were younger, we didn’t let our jobs define us. We also didn’t have a set group of friends or coworkers that we hung out with every day. Instead, we met new people each day at work or through other social activities. We were more open to making new friends and didn’t judge others so harshly.

As we entered our careers, we may have become more set in our ways, more reserved, and more closed off. We socialize with the same people every day, and we don’t always make an effort to expand our social circles. Our younger selves would encourage us to continue meeting new people, learning from them, and making new connections. There are no rules about where we can make new friends, and we should be open to new experiences and relationships.

Forget About the Paycheck

When we were young and broke, we may have been happy just to have enough money to put gas in our cars or buy a slice of pizza. We didn’t worry too much about saving or investing; we just lived in the moment. But as we get older and build our careers, we may become obsessed with financial stability and security.

Our younger selves would remind us that money doesn’t buy happiness. We should find joy in what we’re doing and focus on being masterful at it. Even if our jobs aren’t necessarily “dream jobs,” we should still strive to enjoy the journey and the experiences along the way. If we’re only focused on the paycheck at the end of the week or the month, we’re missing out on the bigger picture.


Our younger selves would want us to be happy, fulfilled, and constantly growing. We don’t have to lose the enjoyment of the pleasures we once appreciated; we just have to find a way to balance them with our career and life responsibilities. We may not be able to change jobs frequently or work for very little money anymore, but we can revisit the determination and passion we had when we were starting out. By taking advice from our younger selves and finding the joy in the journey, we can create a fulfilling and enjoyable career and life.