10 Life-Changing Tips from Our Latest Podcast: Lifehack Live

Lifehack.org Launches New Podcast Series: Lifehack Live

Lifehack.org, the popular online resource for productivity and personal development, has launched a new podcast series called Lifehack Live. The show will feature discussions on personal development, productivity, organization, and creativity with various experts in the field.

The recording of the podcast will be done using BlogTalkRadio, a system that enables live streaming during the show, and listeners can even call in. While the ability to have callers isn’t quite ready yet as the podcast is still in its early stages, it’s something that will be added in the future. The podcast is geared towards the Lifehack.org community, and the guests will share their thoughts on various subjects of interest to the community.

Lifehack Live’s First Guest: Lisa Gates

The first episode of Lifehack Live featured Lisa Gates, a new contributor to Lifehack.org and coach to creative individuals such as writers. Gates specializes in helping creative individuals finish significant projects that they have been struggling to complete. During the first episode, Gates talked about creativity and procrastination, the beasts that haunt creative workers, and the use of comedy and improvisation.

Future Episodes of Lifehack Live

Lifehack Live’s podcast series will feature regular guests who are experts in their fields, sharing insights, and tips on various subjects that are of interest to the Lifehack.org community. The episodes will cover a range of topics, including productivity, time management, goal setting, and more.

Trial By Fire Series

Aside from Lifehack Live, Tony Clark’s Trial By Fire is another podcast series featured on Lifehack.org, featuring interviews with entrepreneurs and business leaders, discussing their personal and professional challenges and how they overcame them.


The launch of Lifehack Live and the Trial by Fire Series further demonstrates Lifehack.org’s commitment to providing valuable content for individuals seeking to improve their productivity and personal development skills. The use of podcasting is an innovative approach to the traditional text-based content that Lifehack is known for, and it gives the community yet another platform to learn and grow from. Stay tuned for future episodes of Lifehack Live and interviews on Trial By Fire.

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