“10 Irritating Flight Passengers and Expert Tips to Handle Them”

Think about every flight you have ever been on and you will realize that there are certain types of people you see on every flight. These are the people who, regardless of the airline, the type of flight, or the destination, manage to find their way onto every flight. From people who are constantly sniffing to those who refuse to adhere to the rules, these people can make the experience of flying unpleasant for everyone around them. Whether you’re a frequent flyer or only occasionally take to the skies, it’s important to know how to deal with the airport’s 8 most annoying people.

1. The One with the Deathly Cold

Airplanes are germ factories, but even if you aren’t germ phobic, it can get a little overwhelming when one person on a flight is constantly coughing, sniffling, or clearing their throat. Even if they aren’t really sick, the sounds themselves can be irritating after a while.

Solution: Although you cannot stop people from coughing or sniffling, you can keep yourself from becoming one of them by washing your hands frequently or using hand sanitizer.

2. The One Who Obviously Didn’t Shower

Have you ever walked onto a plane and simply wanted to walk off again because of the smell? Usually, this is because someone simply didn’t take a shower, wear deodorant, or otherwise has bad B.O. Sure, you can feel bad for the person, but you certainly don’t want to sit next to them.

Solution: Come prepared with a car air freshener and place it in between the seat near them. This should neutralize the smell.

3. The Screaming Kids

Cheap flights tend to attract families, and this isn’t a bad thing. There are well-behaved kids too, but they are completely overshadowed by the ones bawling or screaming obscenities. When you experience these children, sometimes you don’t know whether to feel worse for the parents or your eardrums.

Solution: Headphones were made for this specific reason. The screaming of a child is something that people who do not have children shouldn’t be subjected to, so sound-cancelling headphones will save the day!

4. The One Who Won’t Shut Up

Talking during a flight can be cool. It’s great to meet new people, and you can learn awesome, interesting things, but sometimes, you simply want to be left alone. Unfortunately, this person doesn’t understand the concept of personal time. They won’t shut up, even when you give normal social cues that you don’t want to talk, or in some cases, when you outright tell them that you aren’t in the mood for conversation.

Solution: Headphones will be a weapon for some of these people. The pretence of falling asleep can work as well.

5. The Complete Recliner

When you recline your seat—even a tiny bit—you are taking space from the person behind you. Though it’s fine to recline a little, it can be really irritating to the person behind you if you recline all the way and then leave your seat like that for the entire flight.

Solution: You can ask the person in front of you to move their seat back up, or call the flight attendant over and ask to change seats because this person won’t raise their chair.

6. The One Who Doesn’t Think the Rules Apply

This flyer is defiant, confrontational, and will challenge anyone who thinks they should follow the rules like everyone else. Don’t let this person bother you; they make other people’s lives more difficult, and flight security will surely dissect their bag and take comfort in the fact they have to repack everything.

Solution: Stay polite and let the flight attendants handle it.

7. The Bin Hogs

Don’t try to hog the overhead bin space with your bags, your personal items, your jacket, your sweater, your laptop that for some reason you pulled out of your carry-on. That space is as precious to every other traveler as it is to you.

Solution: Do not touch this person’s things, but rather let a flight attendant know what they’ve done.

8. The Seat Stealer

Whether simply oblivious or obstinately ignorant, there is always someone who is sitting in the wrong seat. When they are confronted, this passenger always gives one of two answers: either they take offense that you would accuse them of something so horrible, or they are shocked and appalled at themselves for making such a silly mistake. Both are annoying, but at least in one of the two cases, you are not being blamed for their mistake.

Solution: If you run into the person who becomes confrontational, just contact a member of the crew. If you run into somebody who made a mistake, just ask them to move. They’re already embarrassed, so do not bring attention to the situation.


Flying can be stressful, and when you’re up in the air for hours at a time, the last thing you want is to be surrounded by annoying people. Whether it’s the person with the never-ending cold, the one with bad B.O., or the complete recliner, knowing how to deal with these people can make your flight a lot more bearable. By implementing the above solutions, you can stay calm, collected, and above all, enjoy your flight.

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