“10 Incredible Lifehacks from April 2012 You Can’t Miss!”

The Best of Lifehack: April 2012 – Top Articles to Boost Your Productivity, Health, and Happiness

If you’re looking for some helpful tips and tricks to improve your life, whether it’s enhancing your productivity, health, or happiness, Lifehack has got you covered. In this installment of our Best of Lifehack series, we’ve rounded up the top articles from April 2012, featuring a range of topics and insights from our talented contributors.

1. How to Get Stuff Done: A Quick Guide

Feeling overwhelmed by a long to-do list? Zoe B. provides a practical guide to tackling your tasks and getting things done. With simple yet effective advice, it’s a must-read for anyone seeking to boost their productivity.

2. 7 Things You Should Add to Your Stop Doing List…Right Now!

We often focus on what we should be doing to achieve our goals, but what if we addressed the things we should stop doing? In this article, Paul Sloane suggests seven things to add to your “stop doing list” to help you reach new heights of success.

3. Hack Your Weight Loss Workout – Lose Weight in 15 Minutes a Day

Want to lose weight but short on time? Curt Pedersen offers a revolutionary approach to weight loss that only requires 15 minutes of your day. With his practical tips, you can achieve your fitness goals without spending hours at the gym.

4. The 3 Best iPhone Apps to Help You Remember

Have trouble remembering appointments, meetings, or tasks on your to-do list? Royale Scuderi recommends the three best iPhone apps to help you manage your time more effectively.

5. Productivity Hacks: 8 Things That Are Hurting Your Productivity

Uttoran Sen highlights eight common habits that are keeping you from reaching your full potential. By eliminating these habits, you can take your productivity to the next level and enjoy more success in all areas of your life.

6. Lifehack Presents: A Mini-Guide for Weight Loss for Men

If you’re a man trying to lose weight, this mini-guide from CM Smith is a must-read. With practical advice and actionable tips, you can start shedding pounds and feeling great in no time.

7. Top 10 Reasons Why People Don’t Reach Their Goals

Robert Chen identifies the top 10 obstacles that stand in the way of achieving your goals – and provides actionable tips to overcome them. With this insightful article, you can finally take control of your life and reach your true potential.

8. 20 Encouraging Quotes to Level Up Your Life

Sometimes you need a bit of inspiration to keep you going. In this article, Robert Chen shares 20 encouraging quotes that will motivate you to take your life to the next level.

9. How to Be 25% Happier in Five Minutes a Day

Are you feeling down or struggling to find happiness in your life? Cara Stein has some powerful strategies that can help. In just five minutes a day, you can boost your happiness levels by 25 percent.

10. Seven Truths About You

Brian Tracy and Christina Tracy Stein explore seven essential truths that you need to accept about yourself in order to achieve success. With this insightful article, you can gain a deeper understanding of yourself and your potential.

In summary, if you’re looking to improve your productivity, health, and happiness, these top articles from Lifehack are a great place to start. With practical advice and insightful strategies, you can take your life to the next level and achieve all your goals.

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