“10 Hidden Gems on Netflix You Can’t Afford to Miss – Your Next Binge Watch List”

10 Underrated Netflix Movies and Shows to Binge Watch When It’s Cold Outside

With chilly weather outside, what’s the best way to enjoy an afternoon indoors? While hot chocolate, reading a book, and building a blanket fort are great options, nothing beats binge-watching great content on Netflix. While popular shows like Breaking Bad, Dexter, and Narcos have already dominated the binge-watching scene, there are still plenty of underrated movies and shows waiting to be discovered. Here are 10 of those underrated Netflix movies and shows to enjoy during a cozy day indoors.

1. Frank

Frank is a movie that will make you question the sanity of its characters. The film stars Michael Fassbender as the eccentric and deranged band leader, who wears a giant, plastic head throughout the film. As a music icon driven by his creativity, Fassbender delivers a phenomenal performance. This independent film is highly recommended, as it offers a fresh perspective on music.

2. Comedy Bang! Bang!

Created by comedian and writer Scott Aukerman, Comedy Bang! Bang! is an anti-humor show that satirizes today’s late-night format. The show features Aukerman as a talk show host, often accompanied by a celebrity guest, and a comedian who plays an absurd character. This show questions the flaws in today’s humor, making it a must-watch for anyone seeking a different type of comedy.

3. Wilfred

Wilfred is a show about the mind of a man named Ryan and his talking dog, who is only understood by Ryan. Ryan sees the dog as a man in a dog suit and fails to understand why nobody else can understand him. The show follows Ryan and his dog Wilfred into their surreal world, where they encounter bizarre situations. It’s a humorous and bizarre experience that has received great reviews.

4. Exit Through the Gift Shop

Exit Through the Gift Shop is a documentary that delves deep into the world of street art. It includes interviews with legendary street artist, Banksy, and follows the journey of the filmmaker, known as “Mr. Brainwash,” into this intriguing and mysterious world. A fascinating watch for anyone interested in modern art.

5. Legit

Produced by crude comedian Jim Jeffries, Legit is a hilarious political incorrectness, and painful honesty show based on Jeffries’ life and stand-up acts. The show pushes boundaries on today’s social issues and follows the life of a comedian, much like Louie and Maron. The show’s humor is both critical and funny and is a must-watch for anyone looking for a good laugh.

6. Firefly

Science fiction fan? Look no further than Firefly. Created by Joss Whedon, this science fiction classic follows a group of space cowboys who perform illegal jobs to make money and keep flying. Although the show only lasted for one season, it still garnered a cult following among fans worldwide. Anyone interested in space travel and gunfights should indulge in this series.

7. Sleepwalk With Me

Comedian Mike Birbiglia writes, produces, directs, and stars in the independent film Sleepwalk With Me. The movie is based on one of his earlier stand-up comedy albums and follows his journey of starting his comedy career and discovering that he has REM behavior disorder. His disorder becomes dangerous for him and his girlfriend, making it an enjoyable watch for anyone interested in romantic comedies.

8. No Country for Old Men

Unlike the other movies and shows on this list, No Country for Old Men is a slow-paced drama that utilizes suspense and tension as its primary strengths. The film follows a cat-and-mouse chase between a killer and a sheriff, where each shot and beat keeps the viewer on edge. The Coen brothers directed this critically acclaimed movie and is a must-watch for anyone who enjoys thrillers.

9. The Code

The Australian thriller The Code tackles modern-day issues like journalism, online security, and privacy. The plot follows two brothers investigating a mystery related to the death of two teenagers. The brothers end up hacking into a database, leading them to something more significant than they expected. Anyone interested in watching interesting thrillers should check out this series.

10. The Killing

Adapted from a popular Danish television show, The Killing centers around two detectives trying to solve a murder case. Each episode is structured as a day in the investigation, unraveling a great story, and keeping viewers hooked. The show rewards patience and attention, making it an excellent option for anyone interested in slow-burn mystery.

Stay Warm and Have Fun

Netflix is an excellent source for great content, accessible from anywhere as long as you have the right equipment. There are many options on the platform, some of which remain underrated but still make for excellent watching. So, whether you’re snowed in or looking for a quiet evening at home, there are plenty of shows and movies to binge-watch on Netflix. You can even ramp up the cozy atmosphere by streaming the ‘Fireplace For Your Home’ video. Regardless of how you choose to enjoy your time indoors, these ten underrated movies and shows on Netflix should keep you entertained for hours.

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