“10 Facebook Pages You Must Follow Today for an Enriching Experience”

When it comes to Facebook, the words “enriching” and “mind-broadening” may not come to mind. In fact, the social media giant is known more for being addictive and at times annoying. However, Jordan Bates of Refine The Mind suggests that Facebook can be transformed into a positive experience. By following 10 helpful and stimulating Facebook pages, we can gain insightful knowledge rather than just scrolling through banal updates. Here are 10 mind-broadening Facebook pages that are worth liking:

1. Give a Shit About Nature

This page is perfect for anyone who is interested in environmental awareness, appreciation, and activism. The page also practices what it preaches as the admin runs various philanthropic projects. Recently, 25,000 trees were planted through a campaign on this page.

2. The Joe Rogan Experience Podcast

While you may not actually listen to Joe Rogan’s podcasts, his Facebook page is worth following. The page posts content covering a range of topics including the environment, health, science, free-thinking, and personal development.

3. High Existence

This site has a Facebook page that posts unique and thought-provoking content. Everything posted on this page is related to personal growth, following your bliss, and changing the world.

4. The Other 98%

A page that is dedicated to social activism, progress, and change. It gives push to equal rights, condemns corporate and political corruption, and highlights the oppression that still exists in our societies.

5. Philosophy

If you’re someone who loves aphorisms and quotes, then Philosophy is the page for you. The page is solely dedicated to curating powerful quotes that are quite insightful.

6. Over Grow the System

For those who are interested in sustainable and healthy living, learning about the modern environmental crises, and ways to be “greener” in your daily life, this page is a must-visit.

7. How Bout Some Real Fucking News

This page is dedicated to delivering real, important news. It provides content that is worthwhile and not the same as other news media outlets around the world.

8. Being Liberal

This page posts consistently insightful and often humorous content related to social equality and ways to improve the system.

9. Pantheism

Pantheists believe that the extraordinary order and wonderous beauty of the universe warrants a deep reverence for all of existence. The page is filled with content that highlights the sublimity of nature and encourages us to grow in love and appreciation for the awe-inspiring mystery of life.

10. Refine The Mind

The author of this article, Jordan Bates, has a page called Refine The Mind. The page is filled with philosophical excerpts, inspiring images and quotes, environmentally conscious content, powerful aphorisms, literature and creativity-related insights, links to intriguing/important reads, and more.

By following these pages, you can transform the hours spent on Facebook into something positive, enriching, and mind-broadening. In addition to following these pages, Bates suggests “unfollowing” the posts of anyone from your newsfeed who isn’t either a close relation/loved one or a source of pertinent and stimulating content. By “liking” pages that post excellent and thought-provoking content, Facebook can be a source of knowledge rather than just a waste of time.

However, Bates cautions against overuse of Facebook. He suggests setting a limit on how much time you spend on the site and only opening it with a purpose in mind. While Facebook can never replace the time we spend on more wholesome activities such as reading a book or meditating, it is possible to transform the time spent on this site into something positive and enriching.

In conclusion, Facebook is not just a platform for scrolling through your friends’ latest beach pics and banal musings. By following a few mind-broadening Facebook pages, you can turn it into a platform for personal growth, environmental activism, and social equality. As Bates suggests, let’s use the Internet as the amazing tool for world betterment that it can be, not as another flashy means of passing the time.

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