“10 Eye-Opening Lessons You Learn During Your College Years”

College Life: 10 Lessons Learned

College is a time for learning and self-discovery, a time to transition from adolescence to adulthood. As a recent graduate, I reflect on the valuable lessons I learned in college that aren’t always tangible things or memories. Here are the top 10 lessons that college life has taught me:

1. You don’t know everything

Entering college means realizing that you don’t know everything, and it’s okay. It’s the first time most of us learn about financial responsibility and debt, mostly paying the price the hard way. It’s essential to recognize the gaps in our knowledge and be open to learning.

2. Learning is forever

Learning never stops, and college is just the beginning. We learn about relationships, each other, and regularly rediscover ourselves. College is a time where we learn to develop a thicker skin and understand how to navigate the world around us.

3. Worrying about what people think about you is a waste of time

In college, we learn that not everyone will like us, and that’s okay. We realize that some people may just not be meant for our lives. It’s best not to get hung up on what others think of us and focus on self-acceptance.

4. You can’t have everything

Living in a dorm or with your parents while pursuing an education is evidence that we can’t have everything. It’s essential to learn what is genuinely important to us and prioritize our values based on the choices we make.

5. Relationships can be complicated

Dating and making friends in college can be complex. Everyone is trying to figure themselves out, which involves learning how to communicate, express desire, and figure out what and who they want for the future. Relationships require effort, dedication, and understanding.

6. College is a big bubble

College provides a sheltered environment that isn’t always representative of the real world. It’s crucial to recognize that college is temporary and to be prepared for the outside world.

7. Things don’t always work out the way we hope for them to

We may make plans that fall through or change majors multiple times. Sometimes we need to learn to live without someone we thought we couldn’t live without. It’s essential to adapt and look for new opportunities and experiences.

8. People change and so will you

Our dress style, values, and beliefs may change as we adapt to new environments. It’s essential to continue to self-reflect and sculpt our identity continually.

9. Trying to figure out what you want to do for the rest of your life isn’t so simple

Deciding on a career path can be limiting and potentially harmful to our minds and spirits. It’s essential to explore our interests and pursue what we love while keeping an open mind.

10. Always have a backup plan

College isn’t for everyone, and it’s crucial to have a backup plan. Vocational school or a paralegal certificate may be more suitable for someone who isn’t interested in college. It’s essential to recognize the reality of our degrees and employment prospects.

In conclusion, college life provides valuable lessons for young adults transitioning into adulthood. Learning never stops, and it’s essential to embrace self-discovery, adapt to change, and have a backup plan. College may not always be representative of the real world, but it provides an opportunity for growth and critical thinking that shapes us into the person we become.

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