“10 Expert Selfie Tips Straight from Supermodels for Instagram-Worthy Shots”

Selfies – The New Age Craze Sweeping the Nation

Selfies are now a global phenomenon that has taken the world by storm. Whether it is for personal or business use, selfies have become the norm for most people. With the advent of social media, everyone wants to showcase their best side to their followers or friends. The genre has grown so much that there are even photography courses dedicated to taking the perfect selfie.

The Selfie Fever Takes Over – From Ellen to Obama

Taking selfies is not a new phenomenon. However, with smartphone technology allowing for crystal-clear pictures, social media platforms have taken over as the perfect venue to flaunt the ideal selfie. Social media has given celebrities, politicians, and everyday individuals alike the chance to showcase their personalities in front of the entire world. The Oscar-selfie taken by Ellen became the most shared tweet record previously broken by President Obama, which highlights the impact that selfies can have on the masses.

Selfies in Business

Not only has the selfie craze taken over personal use, but businesses and entrepreneurs have embraced the concept, too. Besides people wanting to connect online, selfies have become a tool for businesses to engage their customers. Companies use selfies to personalize their brands and showcase their daily activities, creating a transparent relationship with their audience. The impact has also extended across various industries, from cosmetics, health care, to hospitality. For instance, the cosmetics industry uses selfies to showcase their products, while hospitals use selfies to show their caregivers in action, highlighting their human side.

Selfie Course – The Art of Creating the Perfect Shot

It is no secret that selfies require some degree of artistry to create the perfect shot. The right angle, lighting, and facial expression can make all the difference when it comes to taking a good selfie. As a result, learning to create the perfect selfie has now become an art form in its right. Selfie courses and workshops have sprung up, teaching people how to take a great photo that speaks volumes about their personality, whether they are on holiday, out shopping, or attending a wedding.

Selfie Sticks – The New Age Accessory

Selfie sticks have become synonymous with taking selfies. They became instantly popular thanks to their ability to provide a wider frame and angle, making for the perfect shot. Nowadays, it is not uncommon to see people using selfie sticks while exploring a new city, on vacation, or even at home. The importance of the selfie stick is further highlighted by the fact that it can be used for commercial purposes too, such as vlogging or product showcasing.

The Social Media Connect – Sharing Your Selfies

Selfies and social media have become a marriage made in heaven. With the increase in online platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube, sharing selfies has become a cultural staple. Every day, thousands of selfies are shared on social media platforms worldwide. Our favorite celebrities, politicians, and influencers share their selfies with their followers, contributing in no small way to the craze.


Selfies are here to stay, and the power of a selfie cannot be underestimated. It is a tool that can be used to showcase one’s personality, create relationships, and express oneself. As a result, it is not hard to see why selfies have taken over the world, making people feel like supermodels, celebrities, and social media influencers all in one go. Whether it is a standard or a fancy selfie, it remains an enjoyable activity that has become a permanent part of our lives.

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