“10 Essential Tips for Parents: Helping Your Child Learn Horse Riding”

Parenting and Encouraging Children’s Hobbies: A Guide to Horse Riding for Children

As any parent knows, encouraging children to find a hobby they truly enjoy can be a challenge. Often, children will try out a variety of activities before finding one that suits them best. While it may be easier to encourage them into hobbies that parents are interested in, parents may not always have experience in the hobbies their children choose to pursue. One such hobby that can be challenging for inexperienced parents to navigate is horse riding.

Despite the initial difficulties, there are numerous reasons why horse riding is an excellent pastime for children. It is not only fun and exciting but also teaches them valuable skills like discipline and responsibility. However, for parents unfamiliar with horse riding, there can be many unknown factors that make it daunting.

Fortunately, an infographic from derbyhouse.co.uk titled “A Parent’s Guide to Horse Riding for Children” is here to help. The guide covers everything from lesson fees to basic riding gear and everything in between. Take a look at some of the highlights below.

Lesson Fees and Scheduling

One of the first things parents will need to know when enrolling their child in horse riding is the cost and scheduling of lessons. According to the guide, lesson fees can vary depending on the region, with the average cost being around £20-£50 per lesson.

Parents should also check with the stable about scheduling their child’s lessons. Some stables may have set schedules, while others can offer more flexible scheduling arrangements. Additionally, it’s worth asking if there are any discounts for booking multiple lessons in advance.

Basic Riding Gear

Another essential aspect of horse riding is the basic riding gear that children will need to wear. This includes a riding hat, riding boots, jodhpurs or breeches, and a riding jacket. It is crucial that these items fit correctly, as ill-fitting gear can be uncomfortable and pose a safety risk.

Riding hats are a particularly important item, as they protect the rider’s head from falls. Parents should make sure that their child’s riding hat meets safety standards and is the correct size for their head.

Choosing a Riding School

When choosing a riding school for their child, parents must be diligent to ensure they select a reputable establishment. The guide lists several factors parents should consider when making their choice, including the instructor’s qualifications, insurance, and safety regulations.

It’s also worth taking the time to visit the riding school and observe the lessons before enrolling. This will give parents a good idea of the school’s overall quality and will allow them to speak with the instructor and other parents.

Caring for Horses

Finally, horse riding teaches children about the importance of caring for animals and taking on responsibilities. The guide covers some of the basics of horse care, such as grooming and feeding, and encourages parents to discuss these topics with their children.

Parents should also be aware of any health and safety concerns when it comes to horse care. Children should be supervised when handling horses, and it’s essential to follow any guidelines set by the riding school or stable.


Overall, horse riding is an incredible hobby for children to pursue, but it can be daunting for inexperienced parents. With the help of “A Parent’s Guide to Horse Riding for Children,” parents can feel confident that they have the knowledge and tools needed to encourage and support their child’s passion for horse riding.

By understanding the costs, scheduling, gear, choosing a riding school, and horse care basics, parents can provide their child with a safe, fun, and fulfilling horse riding experience.

Encouraging children to explore their interests and passions is a crucial aspect of parenting, and it’s one that can benefit children throughout their lives. So, if your child expresses an interest in horse riding, don’t be afraid to dive in and learn alongside them. With this guide, you’ll be well on your way to supporting your child’s pursuit of horse riding.

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