10 Epic Adventures to Experience With Diddit

Diddit: Remembering and Sharing Life’s Adventures With Others

Diddit may seem like a simple website, but its basic idea is quite profound – sharing the amazing things we’ve already done and enjoyed in life. The website collects experiences from a wide range of categories and allows users to create lists and network with friends to share their adventures. With over 300,000 different activities in its database, Diddit promises to help users find something to do by just browsing through its options.

The Diddit Basics

Diddit offers a straightforward interface that allows users to check off adventures they’ve already experienced within specific categories such as food and drink, travel, sports, and entertainment. Users can import a set of friends from another system and create lists of things they’ve done to share with specific friends. For instance, there are several road trip lists that follow an interstate or highway across the country, pointing out the best stops and side trips.

Apart from checking off the activities, users can add photos and stories to give a more in-depth depiction of their experiences. Users can also suggest items to add to a specific list, along with their own adventures.

The Other People on Diddit

Apart from sharing personal experiences with friends, Diddit allows users to browse and search for new activities to do outside their immediate social circle. The website offers lists of restaurants, travel destinations, sports, entertainment, and more, which can serve as inspiration for planning new experiences.

The website’s search and browse functionality allows users to filter lists based on specific locations or interests. Browsing through other people’s lists and discovering new experiences can be an addictive experience.

Creating a Diddit Account

Creating a Diddit account is free and takes only a moment to set up. Users can fill out their profiles with as much or as little information as they please, but the real information is in the lists users choose to share and the adventures they check off.

To encourage interaction between users, Diddit also allows users to give and receive ‘toasts,’ comments, and compliments shared between Diddit users. While the reason behind using the term ‘toasts’ remains unclear, it provides a way to comment and even ask questions on the adventures you might want to take in the future.


Diddit makes it easy to share and remember life’s adventures, whether it’s to remind yourself of fun times or inspire others to create new experiences. With its extensive database of experiences, users can quickly find new activities, restaurants, and destinations to try out or get inspiration for new lists of activities.

Overall, Diddit is an excellent platform for people who love to explore and remember life’s adventures with others. Whether you’re a voracious traveler, foodie or sports enthusiast, Diddit has something for everyone to explore and share with others.

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