10 Easy Tips to Appear More Intelligent in Daily Life

Simple Everyday Tricks That Make You Look Smart

Do you want to be more productive and look smart while doing everyday tasks? Well, you don’t need to go through a lengthy training session or buy expensive tools to do so. Instead, you can use simple tricks that require minimal effort and resources.

Here are a few simple everyday tricks that make you look smart:

Attach a photo with directions

If you have invited guests to your home, instead of just sending them the address and directions, take it to the next level by attaching a photo of your house. It will help them recognize your house from a distance and save them time and effort.

Make ice quickly

If you need ice in a hurry for your drinks, fill up an ice tray with hot water and put it in the freezer. You will be surprised to see the results in just a few minutes.

Use binder clips for cord management

Are you tired of tangled cords? Grab some binder clips to keep them organized. Clip the cords to the edge of your desk, and voila! Your cords will stay in place, and you can easily find the one you need.

Rub a pencil on a stuck zipper

We’ve all experienced the frustration of a stuck zipper. Rubbing a pencil on the problem area can help unstick it. The graphite from the pencil lubricates the zipper’s teeth, making it easier to unzip.

Use hair ties to keep clothes together

If you’re afraid of losing the socks or gloves while doing laundry, use hair ties to keep them together. Simply tie the two pieces together before washing, and they will come out of the laundry together—and not lost.

Use a dustpan to fill a container

Instead of trying to switch a heavy container from hand to hand to fill it, use a dustpan. Put it under running water and then pour what you need into the container. No spills, and you can control the flow of water and avoid overfilling.

Use a rubber band to open a jar

If you’re struggling to open a jar, wrap a rubber band around it for a better grip. This will make it much easier to open the jar, and you can also use this trick to open stubborn bottles.

Use a can tab to double closet space

If your closet space is limited, you can use a can tab to double it. Simply hook it onto one hanger and add another hanger to the other end. It will save you space and keep your clothes organized.

Use a binder clip to create a phone stand

If you need to watch a video or attend a video call, create a phone stand by using a binder clip. Simply clip your smartphone to your laptop screen, and you have a perfect phone stand.

These simple everyday tricks can make a big difference in your daily routine. They require minimal effort and resources but can save you time and make you look smart. You can also share these tricks with your friends and family to make their lives easier too.

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