“10 Common Lies We Tell Ourselves to Avoid Confronting an Overwhelming Schedule”

10 Lies People Tell Themselves About Being Too Busy

In today’s society, being busy is often seen as a badge of honor and a sign of productivity. However, it is important to examine if being too busy is hindering your ability to live a fulfilling life. Many people use excuses to justify their busy schedules, but these reasons often hold little truth. Below are 10 common lies people tell themselves to justify their busyness.

1. “I must sleep less to get more done.”

While it may seem logical to cut back on sleep to maximize productivity, studies have shown that a lack of quality sleep can actually decrease productivity levels. Additionally, chronic sleep deprivation can have negative impacts on one’s health and wellbeing, further impeding their ability to function optimally.

2. “I must work longer hours to achieve more.”

The idea that working longer hours equates to being more productive is a fallacy. This belief often leads to burn out and decreased efficiency. Studies have found that taking regular breaks can actually increase productivity, allowing individuals to better focus on their tasks.

3. “I am far too busy to take breaks.”

Taking breaks throughout the workday can actually improve focus and productivity. Studies suggest that regular short breaks can help individuals maintain their attention and creativity, rather than leading to exhaustion and mental strain.

4. “I would never daydream or twiddle my thumbs.”

When the brain is relaxed and daydreaming, it often enters a state of subconscious processing that can lead to creative solutions for complex problems. This can be referred to as the “diffuse mode,” and it is often how breakthrough ideas come about.

5. “I just have no time to take a walk or go to the gym.”

Exercise can actually enhance cognitive performance and increase productivity. Many successful individuals, such as Charles Dickens, attribute their regular exercise routine to their high level of productivity and creativity.

6. “I know more money will solve my problems.”

Working harder for more money is often seen as the key to happiness, but this belief is misguided. Money can certainly be helpful, but it won’t solve all of life’s problems. It is important to recognize when working too much is negatively impacting other areas of life, such as relationships and personal health.

7. “If I have a busy schedule, I look more important.”

The idea that busyness equates to importance is a common misconception. It is much more important to focus on the quality of work being done and the impact it has, rather than simply being busy.

8. “I prefer multitasking because I have no choice.”

While it may feel as though multitasking is the only way to get everything done, it can actually lead to decreased productivity and lower quality work. The human brain is not designed to fully focus on multiple tasks at once, and multitasking can lead to mental exhaustion and decreased performance.

9. “I don’t have enough time.”

Everyone has the same amount of time in a day, and it is up to the individual to prioritize and make the most of their time. It is important to spend time on the things that truly matter and to avoid spending time on trivial tasks that add little value.

10. “I can never say no.”

Saying yes to everything can lead to being overwhelmed and burnt out. It is essential to learn to say no in order to protect one’s time and energy, and to focus on the tasks and people that truly matter.


Being busy is not inherently bad, but it is important to examine the reasons behind constant busyness and to recognize when it is negatively impacting other areas of life. By avoiding these common lies, individuals can make the most of their time and live fulfilling lives that include both work and leisure activities. It is all about balance, and prioritizing the things that matter most.

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