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10 Cool Ways to Get More from Your Moleskine Notebook

Moleskine notebooks are a favorite of writers, artists, and anyone who appreciates the feel of pen and paper. Their classic design and quality materials make them a pleasure to use, but with a few hacks, you can get even more out of your Moleskine. In honor of Lifehack’s partnership with Moleskine, we’ve put together a list of 10 cool ways to customize your notebook and make it work harder for you.

1. Divide Your Notebook into Sections

One of the easiest ways to get more from your Moleskine is by dividing it into sections. Simply add some Post-It divider tabs to your notebook to create sections for different uses. For example, you might have a “Tasks” section at the front, a “Projects” section in the middle, and a “Notes” section at the back. You can customize your sections to suit your needs, whether you want a reference section, a books section, or anything else.

2. Work Back-to-Front

If you use your Moleskine as an “inbox” for capturing your thoughts throughout the day, try working back-to-front. Instead of starting at the front of your notebook, begin at the back, using the bookmark to mark your current page and a Post-It flag to mark the pages you’ve already processed. This way, you’ll always know which pages need your attention, and you’ll stay on top of your tasks more easily.

3. Number Your Pages

Numbering the pages of your Moleskine might seem like a small detail, but it can make a big difference. When you number your pages, you can reference them more easily and create an index of your notes. Plus, it helps you overcome the fear of the first blank page. You can record your page numbers and contents on the last few pages or on a card in the back pocket.

4. Create Tabs

If you prefer not to use Post-It tabs in your Moleskine, you can create your own tabs with an X-Acto knife or other sharp knife. Carefully cut tabs along the outside edge of your notebook, using a template to ensure consistency. This way, you can create sections without having tabs sticking out.

5. Carry Post-Its

Post-It notes are a great addition to any Moleskine, and you can carry them easily by tearing them off the pad and sticking them to the inside cover or back pocket. Alternatively, you can stick several different sizes to an index card and slip it into the pocket. This way, you’ll always have sticky notes on hand when you need them.

6. Use Templates

Blank Moleskines can be messy, but you can use templates to make them more organized. Cut a Moleskine-sized piece of gridded index card or graph paper and stick it behind the page you’re working on to act as a guide. You can also print templates from websites like DIY Planner or create your own using a word processor. Keep them in the back pocket when you’re not using them.

7. Add a Pen

While you can always clip a pen to the cover of your Moleskine, it’s not the most secure option. Instead, you can create a pen holder by using duct tape or electrical tape to attach a sleeve to the spine of your notebook. Place your pen against the back cover, wrap tape around the pen and both covers, and secure it with a strip of tape. Your pen will stay in place, and you won’t have to worry about it falling off.

8. Label the Spine

Label the spine of your Moleskine with a label maker or tiny tag. Depending on the use of your notebook, you might label it with the start date, function, or project name. Get creative and use color-coded tags to help you find what you need more easily amongst your collection of full notebooks.

9. Add Checklists or Reference Information

Print out sheets with information you use frequently, cut them to fit your Moleskine’s pages, and tape them to the front cover or blank endpapers. You can also create a set of references for quick access.

10. Mount Photos or Business Cards

Add some personality to your Moleskine by mounting a photo or business card inside the front cover with photo mounting corners. This will make it easier to identify if it gets lost or misplaced.

In conclusion, there are many ways to customize your Moleskine notebook and make it work harder for you. By dividing it into sections, numbering the pages, adding tabs, carrying sticky notes, and using templates, you can make your notebook more organized and efficient. Adding a pen holder, labeling the spine, adding checklists or reference information, and mounting photos or business cards can make your notebook more personal and unique. What are your favorite Moleskine hacks? Let us know in the comments below!

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