10 Amazing Benefits of Simply Moving Your Body More

Removing “But” from Your Vocabulary: Embracing Unconditional Wants and Priorities

As humans, we often limit ourselves with words that we use to state our wants and needs. One of the most restrictive words that we often use is “but.” By using “but” after stating what we want, we create difficulties for ourselves in achieving it. We start to think that what we want isn’t possible until we have sorted out something else first. In this article, we will explore how removing “but” from our vocabulary can help us embrace our unconditional wants and priorities to live a more fulfilling life.

Consider That They Are Unrelated

The reality is that many of the obstacles we face are only connected through our logic. For instance, the statement “I want to go on vacation, but I don’t have a lot of money” seems to imply that we need a lot of money to go on vacation. However, in reality, there are many affordable ways to enjoy a vacation, such as going camping or road-tripping on a low budget. By using “and” instead of “but,” such as “I want to go on vacation, and I don’t have a lot of money,” we open up our minds to more possibilities, instead of restricting ourselves with our limiting beliefs.

We Always Find a Way

Often, when we’re dealing with our priorities, we find a way to go beyond our “conditional wants.” For example, if we really want to go out and have some fun, and we have work the next day, we might still go out anyway, even if it’s for a short while. This is because the allure of going out can be so strong that it finds a way to make both things work. Managing both priorities happens when we go beyond our “buts” and “ifs,” and prioritize what matters most to us.

Practice for Efficiency

One of the best ways to develop this habit is to practice it in areas that are important to us but aren’t urgent. For example, if keeping up with your health is important to you, and you don’t seem to have any time in your schedule, say “I want to work out, and I have no time in my schedule.” By doing so, opportunities arise to make time or delegate tasks to make room for working out. This mindset shift can open up an array of possibilities that may not have been visible before.

Applying It in Your Life

If you want to try this out, the next time you need to make a decision, replace your “but” with “and” and see if new solutions appear. This may be for anything from work-related decisions to weekend activities or personal lifestyle choices. You may find that it opens up a creative brainstorm of ideas that will allow you to accomplish more and live more fully.

In Conclusion

By recognizing that our wants and priorities are often unrelated, with the help of linking them with “and” instead of “but,” our creativity will open up and play with possibilities. It’s important to remember that there’s always a solution to every problem; we just need to look beyond our limiting beliefs and embrace our unconditional wants and priorities. So, the next time you catch yourself using “but,” try replacing it with “and,” and see where it takes you.

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