“Unleash Your Child’s Inner Einstein with These 9 Essential Science Apps!”

Encouraging Kids’ Love for Science: Top Science Apps for Young Scientists

Are you a parent who wants to nurture your child’s curiosity and interest in science? With technology rapidly advancing, you can now easily introduce them to the wonders of science through apps designed specifically for young minds. We’ve compiled a list of some of the best science apps for kids, selected from a list put together by Playful Learning.

Let your child explore the galaxy with Planets

Planets is an app that easily captures a child’s curiosity about the universe. It lets young users navigate the globe and observe areas in different lighting, in real-time. However, it doesn’t just stop there – it also allows children to choose a location and view the stars and planets in the night sky from that specific spot. This app is perfect for aspiring astronauts and space enthusiasts.

Discover Australia’s wildlife with Wilderquest

As the name suggests, Wilderquest brings an element of adventure to learning. It’s a children’s app designed for exploring and learning about the animals in Australia’s bush land, using sounds to guide users to uncover them. While being fun and interactive, Wilderquest also encourages kids to learn about the animals’ habitats and behaviors.

Learn something new every day with Brain Pop Jr.

Brain Pop Jr. is an educational app that offers a new video every day on a broad range of topics like Science, Social Studies, Arts & Technology, etc. With Brain Pop Jr., your child will have access to a massive library of videos that are both engaging and educational. The best part is that the daily science video app is available for free, so there is no reason not to give it a try.

Journey back in time with Ansel and Clair with Cretaceous Dinosaurs

Ansel and Clair with Cretaceous Dinosaurs offers young users an opportunity to learn about prehistoric creatures, specifically those of the Cretaceous period. This app is based on scientific research and provides an educational and entertaining experience for kids using 3D graphics and an engaging storyline. Children will learn about real facts about dinosaurs, where they lived, and what they ate, all while experiencing a sense of adventure alongside Ansel and Clair.

Why use science apps for kids?

Science apps can be an excellent way for kids to learn while having fun. With interactivity, sound, and animation, these apps make learning engaging and interactive, which is more likely to capture a child’s attention compared to traditional learning methods. Science apps for kids are often designed to make complex ideas more accessible and understandable, encouraging children to think critically, ask questions, and develop essential skills that they can apply in the real world.

Additionally, science apps for kids are suitable for different learning styles. Kinesthetic learners, for instance, benefit from using science apps that incorporate movement and sensory stimulation as they learn by doing. Visual learners can benefit from science apps that use graphics and animation that help to make learning more engaging, while auditory learners gain the best experience with sound-based learning that involves listening and chatting.

Tips on choosing science apps for kids

With so many science apps for kids to choose from, it can be challenging to decide which ones to get for your child. Below are some key tips to consider when selecting the best science apps:

Age appropriateness: Choose an app that is suitable for your child’s current developmental stage.

Educational Value: Look for apps that offer more than just entertainment value but promote scientific learning.

User Reviews: User reviews on app stores and websites can be helpful in providing insight into the user experience of different science apps for kids.

Interactive Features: The app should be interactive, hands-on, and engaging to encourage learning.


Science apps for kids offer an excellent opportunity to encourage your child’s interest in science, by making learning interactive, fun, and engaging. With a variety of science apps designed explicitly for young minds, parents can now introduce their children to complex science concepts in a fun and accessible way. Use our tips for choosing the perfect science app for your child, and watch their curiosity and love for science soar.